01 August 2011

Drinking Is Painful

Ladies and gentle I would like to introduce you to the lush of Illinois....Me.

I don't think I am ever drinking again! Saturday night we went out to a pool hall and had a little to much fun. Besides eating 2 baskets of fry and about half of the country fried steak meal (to include half of the steak itself, 2 eggs, some hash brown, and about half a biscuit with gravy) from IHOP, I had so much alcohol I could probably not eat for a week and be fine. OMG! I usually don't get hangovers but I kinda did on Sunday. After not going to bed until 3am I woke up at about 7 am still drunk and with a headache. I promptly took 800mg of Motrin and went back to sleep. I didn't get back out of bed until 2pm. I surprisingly didn't feel to bad at that point.
To top all of this Aunt Flow came to town making it a great Sunday. So the scale this morning was not happy and I don't think my surgeon this afternoon will be happy either.
Today I am drinking a ton of water and healthy food along with swearing off drinking for a very very very long time. Well at least until my cruise in November :) Surprisingly we did manage to be productive and cleaned the garage out so we can park both the cars in there now.

As for the surgeon I see him today after work. I am going to ask for a .2cc fill. I think I am almost at my sweet spot but not quite. My husband doesn't think I should be getting a fill because he sees me get stuck allot more then in the past. Maybe I'm pushing, i don't know, but I am not feeling satisfied as much as I was before. Even though I have stuckish episodes. As example: I get hungry only an hour and a half after I eat lunch at work. That's even with no liquids for an hour afterwards. What do you guys think? More stuck, less fulfilled? is it possible?

I bought a dress that sits above my knees!! It's very cute and I think I'm going to buy more!

quick NSV I walked all over chicago this weekend with the hubs and a friend of ours and was able to keep up! I didn't tire out and I had a good time! Although I was dripping with sweat. Literally dripping! It was so hot out!


  1. Send me an email about the bodybugg...I can't find your email address on here. lalliepoppins@gmail.com

  2. Live and learn! :). You probably lost a good amount walking and sweating around Chicago.

  3. November? Pfft! I bet you'll be back drinking by next weekend. ;)

  4. Depends on what you're eating. If you're getting stuck a lot and relying on slider food, you could get stuck more but be less satisfied. Also, if you're getting stuck during the meal and PB'ing then you aren't really eating the whole thing. Tough call.

  5. Dress above the knees !! Whoa - awesome !! Hope you're feeling better !