18 August 2011

Holy Shit Balls NSV!!!

This is my "I just ran 3/4 of a mile and it's to hot in my house not to be naked" look. Beside my almost revealing photo I can't believe that I ran 3/4 of a mile! I walked the rest of it and I was slow and I was dripping by the time I was done but i freaking did it!!! That is a huge NSV for me! Yesterday was Non-Weight In Wednesday and I have realized, since I started, all the little achievements I was missing when I focused solely on the scale. What a great way to refocus on not just losing weight but becoming healthy! After I felt great! I drank 3 liters of water yesterday and I got about 40 grams of protein in :) I haven't ran that much since about a year before I got out of the Navy. I swam all my physical assessments instead of running them. I used to hate running. Now I feel so empowered by what my body can do! I can't wait to get out there and run again tonight.

Ok it's time to get real though. I have been so lucky with all my NSV's with my workouts this month so far and my post have been very upbeat! I want you all to know that I still struggle all day long! From going to the gym or not eating the chocolate chips that are left over in the cupboard. (like I did last night...oops) I don't want you all to think that I am leaving out the hard parts of this journey on purpose, cause I'm not. I have just come into the frame of mine that it's not that serious. I have kinda come to terms with the struggles. I know there going to happen and I just have to prepare myself to say "NO". If I slip up then I recognize what I did wrong and try again. I'm not perfect, not even close. I can't go around beating myself up every time I eat the wrong thing though because this is for life not just a short term diet. It's not like I'm not ever going to eat ice cream again or potato chips. So there it is. I bring to you what I am and my hopes of what I will be, I just choose to sing out the things that are going great for me :)

I can't wait to go for another run today!!

I hope you all have a great day and refocus on all the little things you have been missing :)


  1. You're right! I totally agree, we're going to have struggles, but we can say "no." I don't want to focus on the struggle, but I don't want to make it sound like a I don't struggle. Every single moment isn't a struggle for me. There are hours or days where it all seems really possible, and not too hard. But, then there are lots of hard hard HARD days, times, hours too. But like you said, we can prepare ourselves to say no. :)

    That was a ramble, lol. I was just trying to say, I agree.

  2. I love the positivity of your posts and I appreciate your struggles as well. I've been attempting to come to a "zen" place with my eating. I'm getting much better about not beating myself up over an indiscretion here or there...it's when it goes on for weeks that I start getting down on myself these days. Keep up the great work!

  3. that is such an amazing achievement!!

  4. hahaha, ronnie you do not have virginal eyes!!!

    Shannon - i love reading your posts. we are close in age and time we got banded and goals of having kids. and i am getting ready to start running...it has been too hot and i do the elliptical inside but it isnt quite the same as the feel of running outside.

    i appreciate your NSVs and your enthusiasm!!

  5. WooooHoooo! Way to go girl! That is so awesome about your run! You're a runner!!! Yeah!

    I remember my first 'run' of .5 miles I was so excited I tripped and shot off the treadmill. I wanted to do cartwheels in the gym, it was so exciting!

    I can't wait to hear more about your running!!

  6. I can't go to BOOBs much to my dismay! I found out about it several months ago, but the month of October is crazy for me. I only get 4 days off the entire month (like forget having weekends, work straight through them) and they are not in a row at all nor can they be and I cannot request time off. maybe next year!

    it is my birthday weekend though!