30 August 2011

Scales, Acid and Vertigo..Oh My!

Tomorrow morning I am weighing myself. Only because it's Weight-In Wednesday for the end of the month. After that I am only going to be doing a once a month weigh-in. I like just making sure I do whats right for my body not just looking for a drop on the scale. I know when I eat like crap and when I don't work out like I am supposed to. It shouldn't be a huge surprise if I have a gain or stay the same at the end of the month. It's so much nicer not fretting over the number on the scale though. Freaking out over a .5 gain just because I only drank 2 liters of water instead of 3. I didn't think I would be able to do it.You should all give this a good try...it's very liberating! I am hoping that this is a little what maintenance feels like. Although is it too much to ask to be 8lbs down?

I have to without a doubt take my prilosec. Without it I have bad stomach pains. There not the worst pain I have ever felt, but it does get in the way. So I am bound to medication again. I was so happy when I could stop taking it because my night time heartburn had gone away. Did I tell you guys that I stopped drinking any type of soda because of this issue. 2 weeks ago I took a can of soda with me for class and was in pain for pretty much the next 24hrs because of it. So I have cut out all soda from my life to help with this situation. Its frustrating to have to be back on medication again.

I have issues with vertigo. I have had this issue for as long as I can remember but it never really caused to much of a problem before 2 summers ago. I was at conference my husband was part of running and couldn't get out of bed because the room was spinning so bad. for the most part it's not really to big of an issue and I just feel floaty a lot of the time. The last couple of weeks it got to the point were I was driving and had to pull over because I couldn't see. That scared the crap out of me! It kept going through my head that I could have hit someone and not have even known. I have to get a bunch of blood work done and then see the doctor which wants a CT scan of my head. I'm a little nervous about it all. It's gotten worse only within the last 2 weeks. Standing up I have to hold onto things and I get a mini blackout. I don't pass out, that only happened once after my miscarriage years ago and I was standing in formation instead of in bed like I was supposed to be. Stubborn, I know. I guess I'm just a little scared. There I said it. This stuff always makes me nervous. My appointment is on the 6th. I am so tired of being this dizzy all the time. I know its just vertigo, but it's starting to turn my life upside down. So I'm scared.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!


  1. Hope you see a loss tomorrow! And that you hear some good news at your appt.

    Oh, and of course my face has shrunk, silly. I've lost 70 lbs since that first pic was taken! LOL

  2. Oh honey!! I hope everything turns out ok! It sounds like there's not enough O2 getting to your brain, but i'm no dr. Wishing you well!!!!

  3. Oh my ... vertigo scares me .... you have done an awesome job this month with your workouts ... you've done the right thing ... who cares what that stupidass piece of plastic says ! But you'll be fine :)

  4. Sorry bout the Vertigo...

    A few years ago I had it really bad. I had to get some major testing done, but luckily it went away and I havent had it since... Every time the room spins I freak out. I hope everything is ok.