24 August 2011

Non-Weight In Wednesday

Holy crap people! It's only Wednesday. It feels like the whole week has gone by already and then some! Well here it is the wonderful calender that charts my not weighing in and my work out days.
First off can you all believe it is the 24 of August already! Were the heck has the year gone.
I have successfully not weighed myself since the 2nd of August! It feels very liberating not to be tied done by the scale.
I have worked out a total of 19 days so far this month. My goal was to hit 22 days and I thought that was going to be a struggle. I have enjoyed running so much though that it has not been much of an issue getting out and just doing it. So I am raising my days to 25 days this month. Not to overly aggressive but a huge success if I make it.

I kinda just slid it into another post and really haven't given it the kind of praise it deserves because I have been so busy. But huge NSV for me. I am down to a size 18! This is 5 sizes smaller then what I was wearing this time last year! I had been stuck at a size 20 for about 3 months and was getting really discouraged and this  was just what I needed to really show me that I am on track still. Especially since I am not weighing myself :)

So all I have to get my shrinking arse back to work.
Have a great hump day and Happy Humping!


  1. What a wonderful NSV and look at all those green dots up there! SO proud of you!

  2. You are doing so great with your goals. How wonderful to drop a size. Who needs a scale when you can see that?!

  3. Awesome!! First of all, way to go on not weighing yourself, you're doing great!

    Secondly, wow, size 18!! I'm right there with you, how exciting is size 18?!! I haven't been this size since 2001 when I was 19! How about you?

  4. Congrats on the NSV!!!! And look at all those green dots! Holy cows!!!

  5. wahooo...staying off the scale is sooooo hard. Good for you in focusing on the exercise and sizes instead of pounds.


  6. Huge news !! Congrats on the size 18 !!

  7. I picked 20 days of working out and I've had 17 so far! It's SO nice to set goals that aren't SCALE related, but fitness related. :) I love it!