02 August 2011


Well I went to the surgeon last night. After waiting an hour and a half with a 20 point drop in my IQ from the people sitting next to me I ended up getting a fill. According to my chart there I have only lost 2lbs sine April. At home I have lost a little more but not much overall. We talked and he said that a little fill might be good. So I got 0.5cc put in. I did notice a little bit of a difference at dinner but not much. I made my tacos. Just ground turkey, black beans, tomatoes, onions and red pepper with a packet of taco seasoning (no shell). I put a little fat free sour cream on it. Yummy! I kinda stole the idea from Leslie and I'm glad because its awesome! So anywhoooo we will see where this new fill takes me and go from there. I have a follow up on Sep. 1. He said if I feel I need it to come in before that. Based off what I got though and how I feel today I might just get another small fill. 
Also while I was there I met a bandster who has had her band for 3 yrs and has lost 200lbs!! She was a wealth of knowledge! We exchanged phone numbers and I told her about my blog. Maybe some day soon she will join us in blog land.
After my appointment I went to the gym with the hubby! I like going with him because I seem to push myself just a little bit harder. I have been averaging about 800 cals burned on the treadmill (according to the treadmill). 3 days a week I add into that the trainer appt. and then hubby and I have started playing racquetball. I suck but it's quite the workout if you get into it.
I saw that I totally missed out on a questionnaire yesterday, so I might just steal it and do it today :) If I have time.
I also am going to attempt to try Beth Ann's no weighing for the month of August and see what happens. I am with her on the weighing myself to to much. I am also going to try and hit 22 days of working out in August as well. This will put me at 5 days a week working out. Wish me luck!
You all are wonderful! I love the feedback I get from you. It just makes my day :) I wish I could give every one of you a giant bear hug!


  1. Wow! You're doing great with the exercise!

    I got my last fill a week or so ago and I don't feel much difference at all. My next appt is Aug 26th but my doc said the same thing as yours...to come back sooner if I need it. I just might. Keep us posted on how the fill works out.

  2. Your dinner sounds delish and I agree with Manda - you are jamming with the workouts ... I need to get my butt out of this chair and take a walk ! Thanks for the inspiration !

  3. Tacos do sound good, maybe I'll do that tonight! You are doing great with the working out, something I need to stop talking about and start doing!

  4. Wow, your new friend lost 200lbs with the band! I think that's the most I've ever heard of, very cool!

    Do the questionnaire, its fun!

  5. I need a fill!! I really do.

  6. I had a taco last night! Yum. :)

  7. *{Virtual Bear Hug}*

    I love mexican food. it's my favorite. I make it with venison, because...well, we have a shitload of it in the freezer. And it's low in fat. bonus.
    I put it over lettuce for a little mexi salad! Yum.