10 August 2011

Not So Weight-In Wednesdays

I got so caught up in the giveaway and the dress deal I totally forgot about my non-weight-in day!
So here goes nothing!
It is so much harder to not weight myself then I thought! I was weighting myself every morning with nussing on. (thanks draz) After a good poop, and after I worked out! Then sometimes I would even ignore the advice I give to my hubby all the time and weight myself right before going to bed! I am nervous about the scale not moving when I do step on it again, but I also know I am doing most everything right. ( i do have a sweet treat once in a while). The gym made me more nervous. I get measurements taken and they weighed me but I told them not to say anything unless it was over 288. The guy acted all weird after I weighed in. So I am so nervous now!
I can fuel a whole type of psychosis based on that couple of minutes that guy was acting all nervous.
Oh I hate and love the scale.
p.s. The dress from the last post was bought at a store that goes up to size 22. At my highest I couldn't fit in any of there stuff (size 26). The one I have on there is a size 18!


  1. I'm having a tough time without the scale too. But I'm determined to make it 31 days! 10 down, 21 to go!! :)

    Isn't it awesome to have a 1 as the first size number? That is such a good feeling!

  2. I'm not going to admit I weigh every day, I'm not going to admit I weigh every day, I'm NOT going to admit I weigh every day.

    Darn. I admitted it.

    You're doing great with your working out as well!