17 August 2011

Non-Weight In Wednesday and A Sad Woman

I was looking at pictures and came across this picture.

I used to think that this picture was a good one and that it was cute because I was snuggling with my dog. I remember that weekend though. I was 23, we were camping with 3 other couples. I was so overweight that I needed help getting up out of the chair because I was in so much pain from my knees. I look at this picture now and see a very unhappy woman. My shoulders are slouched and I am trying to hide into myself. I want to cry for all the things that this woman went through. I was so big that I could barely get out of a chair. It's hard to believe I let myself get to that point. It's also scary that this point wasn't very long ago. This picture is a reminder of all the work I have put into get to this point and to all the work I still have to do.

On to Non-Weight In Wednesday
It has gotten much easier to avoid the scale. I still have my moment when we have a stare down but I win out every time. I don't know if I am losing but clothes are fitting differently. So if I end up not losing a single pound this month I will be slightly frustrated but I don't think I will see it as to much of a set back because I know I am gaining muscle which in the end will help more with my weight loss.

Also I stopped taking my birth control today. Yes it means what you think it means, but not for a couple of months to come yet. I am hoping that stopping it will help with my weight loss. I was taking a rather high dose pill so I am thinking that my stall in weight loss might have been assisted by this little fact. So after a couple of months have evening out after the pill we shall see what happens. :) 

It's hump day ssooo happy humping everyone!


  1. You're doing great, I have faith you'll lose plenty this month! :)

    And great comparison picture, you have come a long way.

  2. No gettin' prego til AFTER BOOBs!!

  3. What great insight you have about that picture - those are the really big ones I think - our ability to look back and see it with new eyes! Well done!

  4. You are doing great! I love following your progress. Keep blogging!

  5. glad you've recognized "all of the work you have done" to get to this point ... you're doing great !

  6. You are doing great with your recommitment! Keep it up, girlfriend!

  7. You look sweet Shannon, cuddling your doggy :) I know what you mean though, feeling sad for the girl that was me in old pictures. We'll do this together!!

    I'm interested to know whether the birth control is effecting your weight loss and how much. Hmm, keep us posted!

  8. You're doing so fantastic on your workouts and no scale!!!! Yeah!
    Keep it up girlfriend!