15 September 2011

Beautiful Tragedy

First things first...I love the Pilate's ring!!! I got out of bed this morning and I could feel everyone one of the muscles I had worked as I waddled to the bathroom. A must have in my opinion :)

I had the MRI last night and I hope on the deepest depths of hope, hell I will wish on a freaking star to never have to do that again! I have never had an issue with claustrophobia ever until they put my in that tiny tube! I had a moment of freak out and became a tragic mess, then I calmed down and dealt with it for 30 long horrible minutes! I just hope I never have to do that again!

Also in the midst of all the horribleness I had an NSV moment. I would have never fit in that tube 74lbs ago. So just a wonderful example how losing weight is helping improve my health. :) It's a beautiful thing! (or at least figuring it out is)

That being said Its Thursday and I don't have much going on today other than lots of work as usual.
Hugs to my peeps!


  1. I'm glad you were able to have an NSV in the midst of a bad experience! I had an MRI recently too and it was worse than I thought it would be! I wouldn't consider myself claustrophobic either but something about being stuck in that tiny tube.

  2. *shudder* I never want to have to do that. I'm not usually claustrophobic, but I just see that thing and freak out.

  3. I've heard MRI's are brutal. I'd like to think I'd just go to sleep but luckily, I don't know for sure. Interesting NSV!

  4. Ok ... gotcha ... the Pilates ring is a good thing :) hopefully, they aren't that much $ as the surgical bills are just starting to come rolling in ... thanks for the recommendation !