29 September 2011

Drag Show?

Can anyone tell me what club people are going to tonight to see the drag show in downtown chicago?


  1. The Baton Show Lounge, I think. I just looked it up on the BOOBs blog, so if that's not right... I dunno.

    They all made reservations a month ago, so I'm not sure what the protocol will be. You might want to call the place and see if they're sold out.

  2. OMG if its The Baton it will be a blast.. but yeah, if ur not in with their reservation there cant be guaranteed seating along with them. God how I miss Chicago :0) if u go, have fun!!!

  3. thanks guys :) I was wondering because a friend of mine is a queen and is in a show tonight and I was just wondering if it was at the same place. :)

  4. too funny-You are coming in tomorrow right? I am here now but opted to stay in instead of going to the show. Too sleepy to stay up that late and I have seen drag shows before.


  5. My Hospice group (wild and crazy Nurses)
    all used to go out to a drag queen show.
    Fun times!
    Picked up alot of great music tips!