21 September 2011

No-Weight-In Wednesday

There is no need for me to not be accountable to myself and all of you just because I have some things going on in my life. So here is my September calender:

This month sucks. I was hoping for 6 lbs gone this month. So far it doesn't look like it is going to happen. I have been doing a lot of stress eating and I know I am doing it so that's the worst part. I am getting myself back in line today. I just have to stop buying those stupid pumpkin lattes in the morning. They are out of my way from work anyway.

Thanks for all your support and putting up with my bad moods. I love you guys and I can't wait to give all of you a big hug at BOOBs (if your going).


  1. 6 lbs is do-able. Get back on the wagon, woman! :)

    Can't wait to meet ya.

  2. It's not too late! You can still exercise for the rest of the month, and you know how much better you will feel if you do. You can do the 6lbs if you organise your food well and work out! I know you can do it!