30 September 2011

Happy BOOBs Day!!

Well ladies and gents who are going to be reading around the blogs today I am a little hung over this morning! I know what a great way to start off my BOOBs weekend. I went to a Drag Idol last night to support a friend of mine. So while I was in Chi-town at a drag show it was not the one that my fellow BOOBs were at.
I stepped on the scale this morning and you will never guess what number I saw...


So I am going to claim that 80.1lb loss and party with it!!! Ok, maybe I will leave the partying till later and just try to get through the work day. (ugg 3 hours of sleep)

After work today I will be going straight to the train station and going to BOOBs!!! I get off at 3pm and by 3:17pm I shall be on my way to meet some of the most amazing women I know!! (and apparently there are rumors of free chobani!!! What?! I know!!)
So bags are packed and I just have to get through the day! I can't wait to share pictures with you all next week!

Have a fabulous weekend my darlings and don't party to hardy or you will end up like me. (3 ours of sleep and hung over on Yeager bombs)


  1. HA! you crack me up! Yeaher bombs....oh those were the days.

    It's ok, i was so hungover yesterday that I came home from work and just laid on the couch....for 4 hours.

    Damn that alcohol!!

  2. Great loss! Have a wonderful time!

  3. Great job on the weight loss ... post, POST ! POST-DARNIT !! Have a blast !

  4. Man you are rocking it missy. (now I am going to sound old)..I had my first Yaegermeister this year. I didn't like it much.

    I think I will be hung over tomorrow from other non-Yeager drinks though (how do you spell Yaegermeister anyway?

    I am sooooo happy we met tonight!!


  5. So much weight lost! Great work! Have fun at BOOBs and do I hope the hangover(s) aren't too bad!