06 September 2011

Medical Update

I am in class right now. I am fighting to stay awake.
Today has taken forever!
I went to the doctor today for my vertigo. The doc thinks it's not vertigo. I have to get images of my head taken. So a cat scan. They are going to inject me with contrast. Not looking forward to that. I had to have contrast when me knees where so bad I could barley walk. It made me uncomfortable. I'm not sure how to describe it but I got the same feeling when my dentist gave me epinephrine for bleeding control. They make me tear up and want to cry. I don't know what kind of reaction that is, but it's weird. Any who she said my symptoms point to 2 different things. On one hand it sounds like I am on the verge of passing out and then my other symptoms point to vertigo but are lasting to long. We also talked on long term that I will probably have to see a neurologist. So lots of fun in my future. She asked if I was ok and i said I was fine as long none of it interfered with me trying to get preggers in a couple of months. She couldn't guarantee anything though. So that upsets me a little. Things tend to move slow with military medical. I might not even find out anything substantial till next year. She also said that depending on what they find out my symptoms could get worse with pregnancy. So who knows how things are going to work out now. I know I'm not old but I am not getting any younger. 
I also talked to her about sleep aids because I have trouble falling asleep. I will give that a try tomorrow because I didn't have time to stop by the pharmacy today.
I know this isn't the most thrilling post but thanks for standing by me and reading it anyway. This whole thing is  seeming to throw a wrench in my well laid plans. 
I haven't had a ton of time to read and comment on people blogs. I will try my best to catch up tomorrow night after I do my homework well and tan and go to the pharmacy and run and go through the closet upstairs for the garage sale on Saturday. Some time in there I think I have to find time to get a passport taken care of too. Holy crap! Why the hell do I have so much stuff to do?
Oh well. I hope everyone else's week is much more peaceful then mine :)


  1. I am so sorry you are feeling like crap. I hope the tests help you figure it out but that whatever is going on is totally a minor thing.

    What did your doctor give you for sleep? I have been having a heck of a time sleeping. I laid awake until 4am last night and I have about had it with the insomnia.

    Feel better! xxxooo

  2. I think this adds loads of stress to you! I wish I could say to relax but I know that is hard to do! Thinking about you and feel better!

  3. Yes, go get that passport ... that will lead to happy thoughts and then sleep ... take care of yourself !

  4. I know it interferes with your plans...but best to have all this checked out and figured out before you have kid because getting that stuff taken care of after gets a lot more difficult. Hang in there!

  5. I hope you get some answers soon! Take care!

  6. I really hope that the test get answers for you and the military doesn't take too much time. I know that it is hard enough trying to have a baby but I can't imagine adding this kind of stress to the bucket.

  7. Hope it all turns out alright. :(