14 September 2011

Non-Weight-In Wednesday and Blabberings

Ladies the Pilate's ring is painfully fabulous!
I do 5 sets of 20 reps and by the time I am almost done its a full on struggle to move those legs! It came with a DVD that I think I am going to give a try but that might be a min. before that happens.

I had my consult for my hair extensions and the lady was very knowledgeable and showed me a good length and said my hair would need about 90 - 100 extensions put in. So I was all ready to say sign me up until she said that my total would be just over $1000.00!!! Yes you are reading that right! In my head I was saying Shi!%, F*$%, Balls! Out loud I said wow that's a lot of money. Then she gave me that look of you just waisted my time I could have been making money! I did not appreciate the attitude.
So I am taking my business somewhere else. Hair Fetish. They are kinda punk like and a little fun. So no extensions for me just a fun cut with some highlights and low lights. Sorry Draz no review except for extensions are way more expensive than I thought they were!

I missed last Wednesdays Non-Weight-In, so here it is for this week with last week too:

see my little half day? it makes me so sad faced!

I should have worked out more, but I haven't. I feel like I am not going to lose a single pound this month and it's frustrating. My food intake has been decent. Not as great as last month but not full out nastiness every day. I am still getting my protein in and drinking a ton of water as much as possible. This whole dizziness thing has been frustrating and annoying more than anything though. I have been doing my best without pushing to hard. I am hoping to get 5 days in this week working out. I have been going to the gym to run on the treadmill so there are people around if anything happens.
Also I have my MRI tonight. I'm a little tweaked about it but not to bad. My hubby is going to take me so I will have a small cheer section waiting for me :)

Any whozzle I am so excited about BOOBs coming up! I have a dress to ware for formal night and oh my its amazing! I just hope no one else has the same dress :) How funny would that be.
Well have a good Wednesday my beautiful followers!


  1. Good luck with the MRI and let us know how it goes.

    I can't wait for BOOBs too!


  2. Good luck with the MRI! And just keep pushing on. The scale will reflect the hard work.

  3. Hmmm ... so do you recommend or not recommend the Pilates ring (I'm sorry I'm so tired that I can't tell) - thanks !!