01 September 2011

Bullet Style

  • Tired
  • Out of my sleep aid
  • only 1.5lbs away from being at my half way mark for the weight I have to lose!
  • I have homework to do tonight that's due tonight.
  • I didn't run last night or go to the gym on Tuesday.
  • Tired
  • I am starting to get a taste for sushi.
  • Addicted to Banana Spilt trail mix, not very healthy for you, but it had peanuts in it :)
  • I have an appointment with my surgeon tonight. Debating on a fill or not.
  • My husband will be out of town starting Monday for the week. Don't know what to do with myself while he's gone.
  • Tired
  • It's still hard to believe that I lost that much weight in a month. I mentally feel like I am still 12.5lbs more
  • I have to come into work tomorrow even though we will have no patients to see and all the military staff have off.
  • 29 days till BOOBs!!!
  • 65 days till my cruise!!!
  • 115 days till Christmas...I know I am already counting.
  • Did I mention that I am tired :(
  • update on tomorrow, we might not have to come into work per an email just received from headquarters!! Have to wait to hear how that pans out....finger crossed.
  • I have to run tonight.
Have a good Thursday everyone


  1. I love looking at the little chart at the top of your blog ... soooo inspirational ! And to be almost at the 1/2 mark ... I can only dream about such a spot ... hope you don't have to work today !

  2. Here's hoping you get tomorrow off! I hope you get some sleep!

  3. Mmmm...sushi. Yay BOOBS and cruise!

  4. Hooray for half-way (or almost) and hooray for days off!