21 September 2011

Stick Fork in Me I'm Done!

Sorry this post might not have anything to do with WLS. Feel free not to read.

I have had it this week! I feel like crap. I have to leave work on Monday because of this study medical issue then I had to go to the ER yesterday during work because of another medical issue (sorry even I have my limits to what I post, can't tell you what for) Then today I feel like crap again, but I can't go home because I my sick time and vacation days for ork are one in the same. When I emailed my boss lady she said that even with a doctors note I could not use non-paid days off or I would get fired basically. She put a little more fancy then that. I have enough time right now to take the couple hours here and there but if I get cruise time and I don't have the required amount of time on the books to take it they will void my request for time off even if it's an hour short!!
WTF!! So now there is more stress added to all this shit. So at this point at might have to choose between my job and going on a cruise that I have already paid for.
Today is not going to be a No-Weight-In Wednesday. Sorry.


  1. That is terrible! I don't have much else I can add except some hugs. I'm so sorry you are dealing with all of that!

  2. That really stinks! I hope you feel better and the illnesses get better ASAP.


  3. Oh that is a carpy policy if I have ever heard one ! Just think of your awesome skinny self on that ship laughing at those fools still reading the vacation/sick paid/not paid time off policy !

  4. Ugh. That sucks! I hope you feel better soon and all the work stuff works itself out.