20 September 2011

Sorry About the Absence...

It feels like forever since I have been on, even though it hasn't even been a week.
I fell off the scale wagon, or on is more appropriate. It was by accident. My mental health doc has this scale that is part of the floor and I was told to stand on the X. Weird, I know. So I saw it without even meaning to. It's not great but it's not a gain either. Plus it was at the end of the day. No I am not telling you the number! Next Wednesday on the 28th I will do my official weight in for the month and with fingers crossed it will be down :)
I also know that I have been stress eating and even though I am working out, I am not working out as much as I was last month because it is difficult with the dizziness and all that stuff. So I was a little amazed by the number I did see.

On the medical front: my symptoms have been getting worse. I had to leave work early yesterday because it was hard to function. Also I had to have my husband drive for me on Sunday because I was getting to dizzy. Plus all weekend I have been having headaches on and off. I don't know if they are from stress or just another symptom that is added on. I have an endocrinology appointment on the 28th to do some more stuff for it. I feel like a pansy for it effecting my life this much. It's so frustrating.

I want to thank manda panda for the liebster award she gave me! I will do a post on that when I have more time to organize my thoughts. Everyone go say Hi!!!

Also I can't wait to show off my new hair to everyone at BOOBs in 2 weeks!!!
Have a great day everyone!!


  1. You're sick, no reason to feel like a pansy.

    9 more days and a sleep!

  2. Maybe you should have a few nights where you take a long bubble bath, or read a book, or watch 18 movies to relax a little...keep that stress at bay!

  3. I hope you can de-stress soon, maybe at BOOBs? Looking forward to checking out the new haircut too!

  4. Could the stress possibly be making your symptoms worse? Don't feel like a pansy...I'd be staying in bed all day if it were me.

  5. Hope you feel better soon! Don't feel like a pansy... just keep taking care of yourself. Can't wait to see you in Chicago. :)

  6. I hope they find a reason behing all of the symptoms. Don't feel like a pansey, something is obviously not right.