26 September 2011

Bullets Baby!

  • I don't know if I should eat my lunch today at least at lunch time. I'm not hungry but I wont' have another chance today to eat lunch.
  • an albino baby born to black parents is still considered black. just a random fact I learned today.
  • I have a ton of stuff to do this week for BOOBs prep, yes shopping is involved.
  • I apologize to my roommates in advance if I am a bathroom hog. I will do my best not to be. My morning routine has blossomed into a hot mess of stuff.
  • Also can you guys believe how fast the time has gone by!
  • I have to iron and take some clothes in this week before the event along with getting some new under garments for a dress the is super cute and sexy and so out of my old comfort zone! I can't wait to share it with you all!
  • I told my trainer this weekend that I had a band put in. He gave me a weird look and I don't know if it was just me but he seemed to treat me completely different after that. It pisses me off because its not like I work less hard then everyone else. He has no right to judge. It makes me mad that if it persists I will have to find another trainer :(
  • I might just stop being a wuss and put up with it for the few sessions I have left.
  • I have been having a few twinges in my port site. mainly when I do ab workouts or I wear something that is a little to tight. So I'm not to worried. you can defiantly feel that it's there now though. Before the weight loss you really had to feel for it.
  • I have my endocrinology appointment on Wednesday this week. So I should know more on that front soon, hopefully.
  • Overall today I am just super excited for BOOBs and getting prepared all week.
Have a great Monday everyone!

I ate lunch. I had a couple of bites of pasta :) It should keep me full for a while!


  1. Maybe he just wasn't sure what a band is......

  2. What an asshole, if he was judging you and not just confused! Like it matters how you lost weight?! You're shattering his perfect image of how people who get WLS are lazy. I freakin' hate people like that.

    Also, can't wait to see your dress!

    ALSO, eat lunch. Would hate for you to be woozier than necessary unnecessarily. Doesn't have to be alot. Maybe even just a glass of milk or something. Don't make me worry. LOL

  3. I was thinking about Robyn said ... he may not have heard/understood you .. well, hopefully not.