02 September 2011


BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy….5 little questions we ask to get to know each other better and to give our blogging brains a break. Copy and paste to your own blog and enjoy!

1. If you have a camera and have the time – take the contents of your purse out – and take a picture of said contents and explain them. If you don’t have time or a camera – please describe the contents of your purse.

I don't have time right now to dump my purse out so I will just tell you:
keys, phone, makeup, tampons, scissors, mini stapler, pens, deoderant, wallet, toothbrush, razors, band aids, Motrin, nail file, hand sanitizer, face wipes, gum, random pieces of paper from I don't know what and of course my kindle! It's great that this question came up! I can share with you all that my hubby is buying me a coach this weekend! I don't know which one yet but we are going to the outlet store tomorrow!

2. Repeat question: I’m going to pick a person not knowing if you have a relationship with this person or if the person even exists and you try to describe the person in 5 words or short sentences.

• Your kindergarten teacher

I don't even remember who I had. That was like 6 schools and 20 years ago

3. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure / trashy TV show you like to watch?
My guilty pleasure is romance novels! I can't help but love how cheesy they are!

4. A lot of you told me about your first day of school experiences when I posted about how my 5 year old going to kindergarten wasn’t causing me too much heartache. So now I’m officially asking – tell me about one of your first day of school experiences that sticks out in your mind the most. Who put you on the bus? Did you ride the bus? Did your parents take pics? Did they walk you into school? Drive you there? Cook you breakfast?
I don't remember to many. There were a lot of first days at a few different schools.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.
Blog Land: I have been trying to comment as much as possible and stay connected with all of you. I loved the BOOBs questions too. Very fun to read up on everyone.

Real Life: I am at work today. the day off didn't come through. We have been busy as hell too! So I am just taking a couple minutes on my down time to get on here.
I had my surgeons appointment last night and since the last time I saw him a month ago I had lost 15 lbs according to there scale. So he said he would not give me even a small fill. I scheduled again in a month. He said if I still feel like I am doing OK with my fill level just to cancel and see him again the next month. That's all for now my pretties :)

Have a good long weekend!


  1. I loves me some romance novels too. aren't that just gushy ridiculous...but totally fantastic!

  2. Coach Outlet store is awesome! I love that place... probably too much.