22 March 2011

Blah Blah Blah

I woke up this morning and I didn't feel like getting out of bed. Whoever decided that the military had to get seen by a doctor at 0630 in the morning needs to be shot. I have to get up at about 0500 every morning and it sucks! I went to bed at a decent time but it still gets to you.

I also start classes today. I am not looking forward to not getting home till 8pm. Wednesdays are going to be my crappy days. I wont get home till about 10:30pm. I will have to sit through 5 hrs of psychology. I think caffeine might be in order for those days.

I have successfully avoided the scale now for 2 days. It's much harder then it seems. I am hoping that I will see results even if its only a pound. I am sick of being stuck here. I have made adjustments to get the results I want. I just think my body has to remember what we are trying to do here.  I am sick of feeling like I am on a diet. I thought my restriction was getting to a good point but not so much anymore. Especially after this weekend. I love my band because without it I would never be down what I am but I guess I'm still frustrated. I know my blog has been filled with weight loss woes lately. I will try to be more interesting soon I promise :) 

I will let you all know how school goes.


  1. Good luck with school. I'm dreading my classes that start next week. Blah.

    I love the haiku, way too funny!

  2. Have an awesome first day of school!!! I know you will show them your stuff. Don't sweat it. That scale is going to move soon. Be proud of where you are...because you won't be there much longer.

  3. Have a great day at work and school! Also, remember that as the fat around yuor stomach goes down you will lose restriction so it might be time for another fill.

  4. Ha! Cute comic. :) Good luck keeping away from the scale. You can do it!

  5. Mr. Husband would agree with you that whoever decided on 0630 should be shot... especially when he's really sick & has to drag his butt to the doctor - in uniform - that early in the morning.