21 March 2011

A Fill Is In Order

Yesterday we went to Texas De Brazil and it wasn't worth it. I had a good time and the food was amazing but the overall experience wasn't worth it to me any more. I was able to eat way to much. I don't know were Phylis (my band) went for the night. Then afterword I felt like crap cause I was so overfull that I wanted to puke! I would say a fill is defiantly in order. Thankfully it was mostly protein. Carbs is what really kills me but holy crap I still cant believe I ate that much. I don't think I have consumed that much in one sitting since pre-band. I have an appointment in 1 week to get a fill. I am looking forward to it.

I am going to try my hardest not to weight myself again till next Saturday morning and see how this week goes. One I don't want to see how bad last night went and 2 I just need to give the scale a break. Stepping on it everyday isn't good for anyone.

Well it's Monday again and I have to head off to work. Hope you all have a great day!


  1. That is why i don't weigh everyday. I lose way to slow for it to do anything but make it harder emotionally. I hope you get a great fill!

  2. Texas De Brazil, been to places like that twice and man they are not worth the price or worth the ugh-feeling I had for the next 24 hours. Scale once a week for me at most; otherwise I find the scale controls me and the results aren't what I want when I am not in control.

  3. Loving the underlying optimism. A month ago you would have beaten yourself to a pulp over this. Ask the hubs to hide the scale and keep being your beautiful self. :)

  4. Look at it as learning a lesson. We are all growing in this experience and sometimes we have to test things to figure it out. Now you know that those types of places aren't for you. Next! :)