29 March 2011

A Quick Rant

I slept like crap last night! tossing and turning and just that horrible half sleep that gives you no rest. I hate going to work on those days knowing that its going to be such a long time till your back in bed.

I had my appointment yesterday and I talked to my surgeon about how all of a sudden I have been tight. He is a moron, but he agreed that I shouldn't get anymore fill right now. I have an appointment in 3 weeks to go back and see were I am. I also got the feeling from him that if I didn't lose any more weight that he would be fine with it. Maybe they just see so many failures that at 50lbs I'm already a success in there book. Which is cool for me but sad for the rest of his patients. I met a lady in his office who told me she had her band for 3yrs and had only lost 34lbs. 34lbs! In 3yrs! If she had worked it right she could have had all her weight of by 3yrs. It breaks my heart. These men and women have the tools to help them succeed but they still find a way around it. When it comes right down to it, your fill level doesn't matter. It's the way you view your weight loss. Yes you can still eat around your band, but you shouldn't. At the time I was only about 30 or so pounds down but I just wanted to look at her and go..."HELLO! Do you know what you have put your body through to lose weight and you are barely trying!" Put down the pizza, the ice cream, the milkshakes! Make a decision to be healthy because you are already one step closer then most people. We didn't get a gastric bypass we are not guaranteed to lose any weight. In the long run it is still work for us! The fact that some people just toss that to the side really upsets me because there are people who can't get the band that would work it for all its worth!
I am done with the sympathy card for those people. Yes, it's hard but come on! You had to go to a nutritionist and no it's not easy to get off your butt and excersize or choose the right food but at least act like you appreciate your band. My band changed my life and is changing my relationship with food every day! I wish everyone could be so lucky.

Like I said I didn't get much great sleep last night so this might be a little harsh. But of well, forgive me my rant. I hope you all have a wonderful day and that you are better rested then I am.


  1. Love this. COMPLETELY agree! I think you know how I feel about this, my mama is one of these said people who has basically failed with her band and it breaks my heart every single day when I see her eating portions I can NEVER imagine myself consuming again. :(

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