04 March 2011

Checking In :)

I want to thank all you wonderful ladies for your comments yesterday. I would never have gotten this far without your support and friendship. I love you all! I can't wait to give you all a huge hug at BOOBS this year.
This morning nothing is really going on. I am sitting at work being bad already cause I am munching on a doughnut. I will factor it into my day of calories. Damn co-workers and there generosity. : P I do just want to curl back up and go to bed. I am still fighting this URI so I am just drained. The first thought I had when the alarm went off this morning was thank god I get to sleep in tomorrow.
I have not worked out once since Saturday. I feel horrible for slacking on it, but like my husband pointed out I will get right back to working out next week. Well as soon as I start feeling better. Like previously stated I am just looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow. lol
I have a funny little side story. At least I found it funny. We were laying in bed last night and cuddling, when hubby says "I can feel your ribs". I was thinking oh very cool. A noticeable sign that I have lost a good amount of weight. I didn't say anything though. He leans over and proceed to bite the end of my rib cage to prove he can feel them. "See, I can feel your ribs". Now what kind of man shows there wife they are losing weight by biting there rib cage to prove they can feel it. All I could do was laugh at him. That man sure does make me smile.
Until next time.


  1. Aww, I want a man to bite my ribs (once they're feel-able). Sounds like you've got a good egg. :)

    You know you rock my tube sox, too, ladybug. You will be getting tons o' love at BOOBS. :) Love youuu!

    I wish I had the time to sleep in these days. SIGH. I got woken up at 6:00 am by screaming chirrens. LOL (Not that that's early to some people, but to me, ridiculous!)

  2. I wish I could sleep in on the weekends but I can't. My internal body alarm clock goes off by 6 at the latest. It is so very depressing.

  3. enjoy your sleep-in! Hope you are feeling 100% soon.