24 March 2011

School, Eating and PB

I am pretty sure that sleep F@$%'s my band. I took a quick nap before my class last night, I ate one bite of chicken and made sure I chewed well and it got stuck. I am in the car slimming the whole way to class and praying for a red light so I can spit out the door. I finally got to class and PB'd in the parking lot. Of course one of my patients from work saw the upchuck and gave me a weird look and kept on walking. My PB was testiment to how well I chewed because what came up did not resemble chicken. What a fun way to start class for the night. At our first break I decided to heat up the leftover and try again. After an hour I got it down, along with about 5 gummy bears.

Class was great! I think I am really going to like psych. The teacher is awesome and funny so it make the time go by quickly. I have my second night of math tonight. Fun fun. Not a math fan.

Overall my diet has been stellar this week. I haven't gone to the gym once though! I know bad Shannon. I plan on going this weekend. Work has just been killer this week.
Still I can't wait to step on the scale on Saturday! I should see good numbers unless I royally mess my eating up. Spending time with the hubs during the week is proving to be hard. As its said though distance make the heart grow fonder, or is that sleep deprived. Both are proving true lol.
My dog is really missing me. I got home took a shower and laid down and he was laying on top of me within a minute. I didn't even have time to get comfortable. I feel for the guy though, both of us are taking night classes.
Lets see minus the hectic work and school week there is nothing of interest going on in my life. just the daily grind. I think we might go see a movie on Friday which is a normal for us. Here is something interesting. The hubby won tickets to a concert this weekend. I have no idea to who but it should be fun. It's the second week in a row that he won tickets from the radio station he listens to.
I hope you all have a good Thursday.


  1. Hey Shannon, I am a new follower to your blog, so I wanted to say hello. I am enjoying reading your blog and am excited to be able to follow on your journey!! Keep up the GREAT work!!

  2. Sounds busy! Everytime I sleep even if it's a little while I wake up super tight!

  3. Sorry about the PB, but glad you like your class!

  4. Yup..if I nap I get tight. If I nap after I eat...acid. It isn't pretty.

    Cmon :) like the math :)...if you ever need any help I'm your math girl!


  5. Eek, I might never nap again. lol Sorry you had to PB in front of someone, that must have been awkward. =P

    Have fun at the concert!

  6. Psychology was always one of my favorite classes, but I found I couldn't pursue it as a career because I spend the entire 2 semesters I took it trying to self-diagnose! AHHHHH SCARY! Hope you have as much fun in that class as I did!