03 March 2011

Holy Crapoli

I was going to do a post this morning how my new goal was to reach the 50lb mark before my 3 month bandiversary and what I would do to get there. I realised this morning there was no need for it when I stepped on my scale.

That's right ladies and gents. I had another 2lb loss! This gets me to 2 milestones. This puts me at a 50.8lb loss and I am sitting pretty in the 200's!!!!! I weight less then 300lbs!!!! Can you believe it? I can't believe it. It makes me want to cry from joy!
Also just noticed this puts me at under 100lbs more to lose! Wow what a great morning!

I know I know, some of you might be saying, well you have been sick. Of course you are going to lose weight if you can't get to much food down. I have been taking in more calories in liquid then I usually do. I have been getting about 1600 - 1800 calories a day for the last 2 days. Broth, protein shakes, pudding (sugar free). for dinner on Tuesday I was actually able to get a slice of pizza in and last night I had turkey and noodles. So I haven't been starving.

Morale of the story is...I am officially under 300lbs and hell frickin ya it feels fabulous!!!
Bye bye 300 club. I will not miss you : D

Also keep your fingers crossed for the hubby. He is trying to drop below 200lbs this week.

I do still feel a little crappy. I am coughing up stuff now which is a good sign. Blowing my nose allot and using lots of hand sanitizer at work today. Lets just hope the patients don't complain.
Thank you all for the well wishes.


  1. You're rocking your band like a hurricane! I'm so proud of ya, sweetie! *HUGS!*

  2. Congrats!! You are doing awesome.

  3. Awesome! Well done :) Ive got about 7lbs to go until into the 200's - I can't wait. You must be so pleased with yourself! :)

  4. Wonderful!
    Kiss that part of your pst goodbye!

  5. past. dang it.
    wish I could type betterer!

  6. GREAT JOB Shannon! Such an accomplishment, keep up the great work!!!

  7. AWESOME!!!! Weehaawww....Sheniqua would do cartwheels but she's too freaking chubby and she'd just get hurt so Draz will do them for you!

  8. That is AWESOME!! I'm SO happy for you!