25 March 2011

BYOC and Picture Friday

Here we are on the first official day of Picture Friday. This is going to be a weekly thing. I will post a picture of myself and tell you all what I like about it. Kinda a twist on what Drazil does with loving her body pictures. To start off this new tradition I am putting up my first real comparison photo. The one on the left was taken 2 weeks before I started my pre-op diet so pretty much 350lbs. The one on the right was taken last night. (I stepped on the scale) Current weight is 298.6lbs!!! The sclae is moving down again!!!

I am wearing my new scrubs that I bought last night! The pants are 2sizes from my biggest. I thought it was only 1 size till I took a look at my old ones and the shirt is also 2 sizes smaller. I really can notice the difference in my face the most. I know its kinda covered because of the phone. Sorry. Also I love the fact that I have a waste! I'm not just a tube sausage shape anymore. Being able to buy much cuter scrubs is a major plus of the weight loss. I am not going to try and find anything I like about the person on the left. So there it is. The first one is over! Stay tuned for next week :)

Courtesy of Drazil here is your Friday BYOC! This is a fun way to get to know each other better :)

1. How do you handle criticism?
Not to good. I hate to admit it but I take it to heart and kinda obsess about it a little. It really depends on what it is. I will usually let it simmer for a few days then all of a sudden be like "Am I really  blah blah blah?" The hubby is usually the only one who sees this side. He knows how to tame that beast.

2. Who had or has had the greatest impact on your life?
I am going to have to say my hubby. He has made me want to be a better person and get the help for myself that I needed.

3. If you had a friend that spoke to you the way YOU speak to yourself – would you keep them as a friend and for how long?
Probably not I am really hard on myself. I know if I was that hard on other people I wouldn't have any friends  

4. Do you think crying is a form or weakness or a form of strength?
I believe it to be a sign of strength for the most part. If you are a winey little piece of crap who uses crying to get your way then you are probably not a strong person anyway. But when a person loses a person who need to just get it out once and a while then I am all for it. The men and women I have been around have shown me just what true strength is and crying can be involved in that.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.
In blog land people are looking very sexy! everyone progress is amazing. Ronnie and I were saying how awesome peoples progress pictures are looking! I haven't been able to keep up to much with ya'll but I will try to do some catching up this weekend.

In real life classes are going great! I think I am really going to enjoy this semester. Yes Tina even with the math class :)
Sucker Punch came out today and OMG! the hubby has been talking about nothing else! I am excited to go see it today too. I think I will take some edemame for snack at the theater. I got a new bigger purse to hold everything the hubby likes me to bring.
Everything is going good overall. going to do lots of cleaning this weekend to.
I hope you all enjoy your weekend.


  1. You body shape is so cute! You look GREAT!!

  2. You look awesome! Kepp up the good work!

  3. You look super great! :D And I'm so glad the scale is moving again, so you don't sneak a 2 lbs weight on my scale for Sunday like you did the other day. ;)

  4. A great before and after picture set you have there. lotsa pride in your smile and there should be, you've earned a pride filled smille :-)

    Thanks for your kind words of support on my blog; they mean allot!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Ohhhhh sucker punch!!!! Can't wait to see it, it looks awesome!!
    Edemame sound so yummy, I'm not sure where to find them here, I will have to look a bit more. :-)

  6. You are looking great!! I can see a different almost everywhere.


  7. what a diff those 50 lbs has made!! great job!