19 March 2011

Feeling Good

you are all encouraging and wonderful on my pictures. It takes allot for me to post a picture of myself. I have pictures of me straight out of boot camp with collar bones that could poke someones eye out and still hate how they look. Self confidence has always been a major issue so I think I will make Fridays picture day and go along with what Drazil said and say things I like about what I see. It will be hard but I think worth it. 

this morning a victory! down 2lbs! 300.6. only .6lb back to were i was. I never moved my ticker because i new i would get back to that weight, but it would take time. So I am almost to the point of never seeing those blasted 300's again.

So that is all for now. I need to shower cause i look like i slept on the street last night. 


  1. Full speed ahead and next stop Twoderville! You can do it, girlie!

  2. You'll be back there in no time :-)
    I hope you are able to see how pretty you are when you start taking your weekly photos. You are looking so different to you picture up the top right corner of your blog. Imagine how amazing you are going to look when you reach your goal :-)

  3. You're doing it lady! :) Looks like you got back some of your mojo! :D