28 March 2011

Holy Post Batman

I am sittin pretty in the 200's!! I am down to 295.6 as of this morning! Not to shabby from 300 last weekend. I am ssooo happy the scale is moving again.This puts me 5.4lbs away from my anniversary goal. I have till May 7th to lose that so I think I am doing pretty well on that goal right now. I am trying to be down to 280lbs before the end of June when we go to Oregon to see his family. That might be a long stretch but if I keep up what I'm doing then I think I will be fine.

I think I am starting to develop a normal relationship with food. Sunday we went to panera for breakfast (at about 1100) I got a spinach and bacon souffle. My hubby had a couple of bites and I ate the rest. I didn't feel bad about it and I didn't go crazy the rest the day either. It was relatively small though to. Band sized :) I went on with my day and drank plenty of water and had a low cal pita pizza for lunch and some yummy chicken for dinner. I felt good about my eating. Even if I did have some gummy bears too. It was all appropriately sized and healthy. I am starting to understand that no foods are truly bad foods. Just the consumption behind them. I still want to eat the "bad" foods but as long as I keep them in check I'm good. I didn't think I would be at this point of understanding so soon after surgery. I know I will still struggle and have off weeks, but hey I'm only human.

I didn't work out last week. I know bad right? Well I truly don't know any more. I spent the majority of March working my butt off at the gym and gained 2-3lbs I stopped last week to get my schedule under control and lost almost 4lbs! Some things are beyond my understanding and this is one of those things. Also I have noticed I have to work out. Before surgery I had problems with muscle pain so bad I was medicating 3-4 times a day. It was in the back of my legs up to the bottom of my butt. I noticed as the weight came off the pain went away. It turns out that the exercise was the reason I was not having pain anymore. After this week of not working out I had to take medication yesterday to help with the pain in my legs. Did anyone else get to that point? Were your muscles were so under used they physically hurt? I think the damage left over from being so overweight is going to cause issue with that for a while. I am working out today after I see my surgeon. I am very much looking forward to it.

This is turning into a long post so I will wrap it up soon.

I have a fill appointment today I don't think I'm going to ask for to much. maybe a half CC. I think I am almost at my sweet spot. I don't want to over do it and have to have to much taken out.

Until next time my dears.


  1. Wahooo for you!! When you come to Oregon will it be the Portland area?

    I have trouble still keeping up with regular exercise. I think you re right though..that the gain is not on the scale right away it is the sense of well-being and improvement over daily/chronic muscle pain. When I work out hard it takes a long time (if ever) to see any gain on the scale. I wonder if it i more of an investment thing than calories are??


  2. Good job Shannon!!! Nothing like the scale moving down to start off a great week.

  3. Great job!!!!! I want to welcome you to twoderville! I just crossed over a few weeks ago and it is so much better than the land of 300s. You are doing a great job!