17 March 2011

Green From Head To Toe

This morning the scale has gone up from 301.8 to 302.8. Frustrated is not even close to the correct word for it. I'm going to chuck that scale out the window.

I went jogging last night with the hubby. I was supposed to go to the gym to work with my trainer but it got up to 63 degrees here and I just couldn't pass up a chance to be outside! I jogged a 2.2mile course. I will admit I did walk a tiny bit but most of it was a really slow jog.

Yesterday I ate:

200cal protein shake
60cal sugar free pudding
130cal cheese sticks
50cals turkey lunch meat
140cal sesame sticks
140cal chobani
50cal cheese stick
155cals turkey breast
15cals mushrooms
60cals bread crumbs
50cals cheese stick
3 liters of water
5cups green tea

I know I am lacking in veggies so I am fixing that. This has been about what I have eaten the last couple of days so I don't know what to expect out of this body anymore. I do know that I am losing inches though because a shirt that I have from a couple of years ago fit me around the chest and it never fit comfortably there before. Plus hubby like the shirt too. The scale is just the one really getting to me still.

At work I feel like a baby sitter because the only other competent person is out this week so I have to do everything so it gets done right. I run around all day and barely get a lunch at all. I eat while working on patient records. I cant wait till my right hand man is back because I am sick of doing the work of 3 people. Plus side to this though is I barely broke a sweat doing it. I got a little warm but if I was on my feet all day 50lbs ago I would be so sweaty I would have to put more deodorant on.

Overall a couple NSV's to get me through the day. If its nice outsides again I think we are going to jog again today. I hope you all have a great Thursday and St. Pattys day! don't drink to much of that green beer :)


  1. I ain't drinkin any beer at ALL! Like I told ya yesterday, you did great with your exercise! Maybe eat a banana or something with your protein shake in the morning? That's probably enough calories and might put you in the 1200-ish range. :) You gotta make sure you get enough, lady!

  2. Jogging 2 miles is great! I can't do that yet and I can't wait until I can. I get upset with the scale too because it will be the same number + or - a pound or two for a couple of weeks and then I will lose like 5 pounds in a week. It is realy crazy and frustrating at the same time. Hopefully that will happen for you too.

  3. Stupid Scales! So frustrating. But dang, 2 miles is fantastic!

  4. I just know those extra lbs. aren't "real" - it is hormones or water weight or some other lovely BS. Stay off the scale for a few days if you can.

    I'm having the same scale issue, if that makes you feel any better. I was up like .8 yesterday. I'm staying off for a week.

    Great job running!

  5. That is a great run and no matter what the scale says - you know in your head you are doing the right HEALTHY things. Keep doing it - stay the course. The scale will show it - I promise.

  6. ignore that dumb scale...your weight is taking a break on your but those inches and stamina at work are what counts!! the scale will join the party soon I am sure.