26 June 2013

Time flys when your busy!

So my lovely followers and friends who are still hanging with me...my baby girl is now 15 weeks old!!! can you believe it?! Here is a little cuteness to brighten up your day...

She is great and wonderfully chunky and happy as can be!!

So let me fill you in on how myself and Phylis (lap band) have been. My end of pregnancy weight was 293lbs...YIKES!! Well I am now at 271lbs So far 22lbs lost post par tum and a total of 80lbs lost from my highest weight of 350. I work out 6 days a week for at least a half hour and I am counting calories again.
Yesterday I had my first official band appt since April 2012. I had seen the band doctor here during my pregnancy after the move but they would only do an unfil until they could get in there and take a look at her after I had my baby.
Let me introduce you all to Phylis:

Phylis might look like she is being a good girl...but she is not. I had my first look at her in 2 1/2years. Before and during the beginning of my pregnancy she was working great and I hit my 100lb mark and life was great. Yesterday I found out that due to the fact that everything compressed during the pregnancy she has slipped her mark. So now I am playing a waiting game. I am waiting for more in depth records from my old surgeon to make it to my new surgeon so we can discuss the next step. Right now he left what fluid I have in my band where it is and I am just crossing my fingers that the further out from my pregnancy I get the more things will shift back into place on there own and I wont have to go through surgery of any kind. If I do have to go under the knife Phylis will be removed and repair of any possible holes from placement fixed and I will be given an option to pursue a different type of bariatric surgery if desired. That's all I have for now.

I have been reading up on people here and there but have not left comments due to not having the time. I love reading all the support that goes around out there! keep it up my lovelies!

18 April 2013

Holy Baby Time Fly's!

Hey all!
I am so so so sorry it has been so long since I have posted. Life has been busy since I started my maternity leave. I started it 2 weeks before I had my baby so I know I should have posted but between prepping and house guests and 3 days of contractions time just got away from me.

Lets get the nity gritty out of the way first:

pre-prego weight: 257lbs
end of pregnancy weight: 293lbs
5 weeks postpartum weight : 279lbs

I am breast feeding, counting calories and have started from the bottom of the workout charts (walking) and am slowly working my way up. Right now I am 79lbs to goal weight.

Now to my wonderful little bundle of joy! Alora Nicole was born on March 19 at 3:05 am after 3 pushes and one contraction. She was 7lbs 4.6oz and 19.5 inches long. I was having contractions for 3 days before she showed up tp the party :) Here she is, my little miracle baby:

In the hospital just a couple hours old
milk coma!
I can't believe how big she is getting so fast! 

20 February 2013

Oops I Forgot :/

38 Weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
Last weeks weight: 286lbs
Today's Weight: 293lbs
total gain: 36lbs :(

Craving: salty foods 

I just realized this morning that I forgot to post last week! I am so sorry ya'll!
This is my last week of work. I was going to work up until I pop this little one out but the state is changing their disability paperwork a week before I am due. So I am done this week so I don't have to submit and wait another 3 weeks for approval.  

I have been so hungry!!! I feel like I have been stuffing my face and the weight above reflects it too. My unfill is doing its job a little to well. I am not doing my job well enough. I can still feel a Little restriction though.  

I have been doing everything in my power (naturally) to get this child out! I have been going on walks and doing the horizontal mambo with my baby daddy. Plus eating spicy chili. I had a dream last night that I was at a specialty appointment and my BP was high. My doctor said "I see in your chart that you are being induced on Friday". Me "umm no I'm not" I was ignored and she said "but since your BP is so high and your full term we are going to induce you today", Me "umm no your not!"
Fingers crossed that this dream means that I will have her on Friday :)

I don't know were last week went! I had my baby shower this weekend and it was so awesome! I have some good friends out here and feel so blessed that I got to celebrate my first child with them. So I did have the babys room all done and now I have to find room for the rest of the stuff we got. At work today they are having my good luck and farewell (for now) party. I love the people that I work with and I feel blessed that they will miss me. I work with doctor and they have bought me some really nice things for my little princess. I can't say enough how blessed I feel. I have different friends that live in a few places around the world that have been prego at the same time as me and they both had there babies this week. Both had little boys.
I was supposed to take a 38 week picture for my mother this morning but we woke up to no power and it's hard to take a good picture when it's still dark outside and you have no lights.
So next week (if I'm still prego) I will put up a picture up. Fingers crossed that I'm not :)

Hope you guys have a great week and a happy hump day.

06 February 2013

Icky Sicky still and Restriction

36 Weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
Last weeks weight: 280lbs
Today's Weight: 286lbs
total gain: 29lbs 
Craving: Milk!

I can't believe I am in the home stretch of squeezing this little baby out! I have my 36 week appointment tomorrow afternoon. I am hoping I will be told my girly parts are prepping and going to kick her out in a week or two! I am getting tired and I am having trouble breathing. I am trying to keep trucking and take the dog for walks a couple of days a week, he usually just goes outside and does his business and barks at everything that moves.

The last month we have been a sick household. First hubby was sick with a URI thing then a GI thing and got me sick. Now I was starting to get better and he got worse again. His doctor thinks its pneumonia. Now I was up again coughing last night and my cough has gotten worse today as well. We just can't shake the bugs around us. I am going to have disinfect the whole house so we can get rid of this crap before baby girl gets here.

I have some finishing stuff to do for her room and I need to clean out a spot from our closet to fit the cradle in our room. (the closet is right next to my bed and we have a small room, so no I am not just going to shut her in the closet all night).

I posted last week that I had fluid taken out of my band. I can't believe what a difference taking out 1.5cc makes. I am in uncharted territory for me. I have had to really focus on what I am eating again. I feel like a baby bandster with no restriction. I do know that I have a little but I can't wait to get more fluid put in 4 weeks after she's born. It's easy to follow the rules when you have god restriction and your not starving all the time. I am going to have to focus on my rules again. It is nice to eat chicken again though :)

For those of you that aren't hooked up with me on facebook here is a 36 week belly shot:

31 January 2013

I feel like a pin cushion!

I finally got my unfill today!!!
It was lunch time when I was done and all I had to eat in the morning was a banana protein smoothie. So I was hungry and shaky and almost passed out while I was being poked. Not a fun experience. For lunch I got chicken and re fried beans and had no problem at all with the chicken! It's been a long time since I have been able to say that, even when I had a good fill level.

I am not quite sure what the title of the lady who tried to stick my port first but she was horrible! She wanted to numb my port area first. I told her that she didn't need to. In retrospect I should have let her do it, I had no clue it would be so difficult. She poked me about 7 times and then went to get a surgeon. He had to poke me a few times as well before he was finally able to get the port just right. The pressure from them pushing and prodding was the worst part. I could tell that this is just a general surgery place and not a specialized place like my last surgeon just from her first couple of tries.  I will have a bruise in the morning if not later tonight. We decided that 1.5cc was a good amount to take out with being to over zealous about loosening things up.

They want to see me back 4 weeks after the baby is born so I can do a barium swallow and get some labs drawn so they know where we need to go from here, since I am a new patient for them. Sounded good to me.
I will leave you with what my port area looks like after the whole thing. I have never seen it look like this. You can already see the bruising start.