26 December 2012

So Tired!

30 weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
Last weeks weight: 268lbs
Today's Weight: 267.9lbs
total gain: just going with 11lbs
Still craving chocolate! like crazy!

Only 10 weeks till I meet my little girl! ( I have a feeling I will go early though).

Not sure why I can't shrink the picture, but here I am at 30 weeks!

We had a 4D ultrasound done on Saturday, here is Alora Nicole (hubby spilled the beans about the name on facebook, so no use not telling you guys). She weights about 3lbs! and is so sweet and cute! I can't wait to hold my beautiful bundle. She has hair too, go figure with all the heartburn!

Not much is going on. We had a great low key Christmas. I got some great gifts from both hubby and family. We went to see Les Mis on Christmas and it is amazing!

All I can say is that I am tired, so so tired. This making human life thing is exhausting! Even when I'm not doing much.
I have had some tightness in my band the last couple days, but I think that is due to a change in the weather here. Not that I have slowed down on the food intake. Example here is what I had for Christmas dinner last night.  So still getting plenty of nutrients down...of the yummy kind. So no need for an unfill as long as I keep up on my water intake. I do find that makes a big difference on tightness too.

I can't wait to take a nap later. Have a great week everyone!

19 December 2012

Christmas and Water

29 weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
Last weeks weight: 273lbs
Today's Weight: 268lbs
total gain: 11lbs
Craving chocolate everything! Not sure that is so much a craving as it is just being a woman.

I will go over the drop in my weight first. The only thing I changed was my water intake. That's it! At my last weekly update I told you that I had to focus more on getting my water in and that weight drop is the solely from that undertaking. Two days after I weighed myself and I had dropped down to 264lbs but that I think was a fluke and a good poop. This just shows how important getting the right amount of water in really is. As women we tend to hold on to water a lot more then man do...damn hormones! Men you really have the biological advantage. On average I should be drinking just over a gallon a day for my weight, I have been adding more for the pregnancy as well. This link is a good way to calculate an average amount of water you should be getting in a day. You would be amazed at how much better you feel just from being properly hydrated.
Ok I have talked enough on the importance of water.

Can you all believe that we are just under a week away from Christmas! I hope everyone has there shopping done. I thankfully have finished and just have some cooking to take care of. I finally got my Christmas cards out yesterday morning on the way to work. They had been sitting on the kitchen counter for two weeks waiting for stamps.
My hubby is having his work Christmas party at our house on Friday and has turned our entertainment center into a fire place. As you can see below. He has completely taken over the living room with decorations. Kinda cool since I don't have to do it.

Baby girl update. At my last OB appointment I was told to start doing kick counts. For those of you who don't know what that is...at around the same time every day I have to count at least 10 movements in an hour. Well I have not even started because she is so active that I have no worries that she is not ok.
Also I can still see my toes! One of my friends on the east coast asked if I could still see my toes so I took a picture of my view looking down and they are still there! So that's exciting :)

Tummy, toes and puppy!
Hubby and I have started getting our preparations for the hospital underway too. Nothing major just reviewing what we want in a birth plan and making lists of stuff to pack in our hospital bags. It's getting so close! We are so excited. We have a lot of work to do to finish up the nursery. I think we are going to put more work into it this weekend. We have a dresser to put together and a closet to organize after washing about a ton of baby clothes. We have also settled on a name! But I'm not going to tell you...sorry :) While hubby says he wants to tell people I kind of want to keep it under wraps until she gets here.
I got my push gift! What is a push gift? Well its a relatively new thing where the daddy gives his baby's mama a gift for having his child. I got a matching necklace and earings set in amethyst set in silver. It's five carats all together and beautiful! Hubby did a great job! Plus I still have my Christmas presents to open :) I was going to post a picture of the necklace but my computer is not cooperating.

Since I wont be on till after the holiday I hope you all have a great one!

14 December 2012


Holy crap!

With the baby stuff and family and the holidays I totally forgot about my 2 year bandiversary on December 8 2010! My how the time flys!

I love my life with my lap band. I would not change a minute of this journey. It has brought me to meet amazing and inspirational people from all across the country. My life is my own again and the biggest success for me is this wonderful and amazing baby girl growing inside me. The best decision of my life has giving me the chance to have the biggest blessing of my life. Plus I can't wait till after my pregnancy so I can finally make it to my goal weight of 200....so many exciting things still to come :)

Here are some pictures starting with 350lbs down to 250 lbs and my currant baby belly :) I have gone from a size 28 pants and needing help to stand up out of a chair to currently a size 18 and (pre-prego) could run 2 miles!

350lbs and a very sad sad person

250lbs...100lbs down in July 2012

28 weeks prego at 273lbs (elizabeth just for you :)

13 December 2012

Calm Rainy Day

28 weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
todays weight: 273lbs
total gain: 16lbs
Craving ricotta cheese! omg yum!

Good Morning all my beautiful followers. I'm not quite sure why I am in such a good mood this morning but I am. It's rainy and dark outside but I am doing great!

This past week we have had a couple things happen that were kinda neat. Starting with last night we had a new neighbor move in that will be sharing our driveway. He is getting all of his things move in before his wife and daughter get here in a month. Can't wait to get to know them. New military neighbors can be so hit or miss. It would be nice to have another great neighbor.
We finished setting up the Christmas tree over the weekend and I love how it looks :) Like always though the cat is having his way with my tree. I have had to take ornaments off the bottom and am constantly fixing the tree skirt. Last night I kept having to shoo him away from chewing on the branches (its a fake tree and plastic no good for kitty)

Pretty Tree! Crooked star

Crazy cat that likes to eat plastic...possibly brain damaged, but damn he is adorable

My family has been showing me so much what a blessing they are to have in my life. We have had packages for baby girl showing up almost every day. We have all of her furniture and have not had to pay a dime out of pocket. Then the moral support even though they life all over 16 hours away is amazing. I do wish they lived near me but for the situation we are all in I feel lucky to have them to call any time.

I had my 28 week prego check up yesterday. I saw my primary doctor at my last visit and I wont see her again till a couple weeks before I deliver :(
With the holidays and the time frame I need to be seen next I guess I am just not able to get in with her on time. The nurse basically refused to push my next appointment back a week so I could see my doctor saying that is was a care issue. I mean I get it and the liability on them if something happens but I really like my doctor and I am not a fan of the midwives in that joint.
Everything went well though. Since they are tracking my weight from my first trimester loss of 7lbs and I am tracking from my pre-prego weight we had a slight conflict. So I told her that and she updated it in my chart and stopped scolding me. I guess 7lbs makes a big difference to them. I also got given a maternity parking pass! Kinda a big deal on a military base, there is maternity parking everywhere and it is always wanted at the grocery store. So now I can start waddling my into places from a shorter distance.
I did take her warning to heart about my diet and keeping an eye on my weight gain. I am going to cut out a ton of sweets that have been finding there way into my mouth. Plus up my water intake. I think I was reading Lady Labbands post  ( don't quote me) about 90oz of water a day and I realized how much I have gotten out of that habit. So I have gallon of water by my desk and I plan to drink at least half of it at work. Water is even more important now being pregnant. I lost sight of that somehow.

Well I have rambled enough with this long post. Long story short...things are good :)

06 December 2012

Blog Share / Encouragement!

For those of you who don't know I am an avid craftaholic!
One of the many things that I have dabbled in and still love is soap making and bath and body product making in general. ( i make a mean bath bomb!)
I follow the blog of a woman who is successful in this corner of the craft universe. She is also a very healthy person. Not very often do I think to look for motivation for things other then soapy love stuff but today I saw this post and wanted to share it with you.
This just reminds me that inspiration can come from anyone, anywhere.

Soap Queen

05 December 2012


27 weeks
Pre prego weight: 257lbs
todays weight: 270lbs
total gain: 13lbs
I would say I am craving whipped cream and apple cider but those go along with the season I think :)

My weight has gone back up a bit but I am going to say its normal. My blood pressure is great still and I have been watching my diet.

Today I am most uncomfortable. I have so much pressure in my lower abdomen that I have been taking potty breaks just so I can take my pants off for a couple minutes. All I keep thinking is the other women in the building are telling people, hey don't mind the prego chick sitting in the handicap stall with no pants on she has a mental condition.  

Most of the time this pregnancy doesn't seem real, even though I can feel her kicking my insides like she is playing every position on a soccer team. Life seems to be moving fast these days and when I do get a moment of realization let me tell you I am having a mini freak out! The bigger my belly gets the worse my nerves get too. I have this fear of not being able to bond with my baby and that I will freak out. It comes down to, I'm scared. I know that a lot of these feeling are normal but they are scary none the less. Its hard to vent about these things too because hubby just tells me that I am over reacting.
I just have to keep reminding myself to take a deep breath and take things day by day when I have these moments.

Thanksgiving was great! I know it's been a couple weeks since I posted. We got to see all of my husbands side of the family and all the new additions that were added in the last 9 months. We have been a busy family ;)
Ths drive kinda sucked but it was worth it overall. We got two garbage bags full of clothes for baby girl and lots of belly rubbing.

The most exciting news in my life recently is that we got a Costco membership. We figured it might come in handy with all the diaper usage in our near future. We got a knew set of knives on our maiden voyage and I almost cut the tip of my finger off the same day with them...not good!

I finished my Christmas shopping today for my hubby and I hope that he will love everything. I think we are both going a little overboard for each other since we know next year will be for baby girl!

Ok well this post is long enough so I will sign off and keep ya all posted next week. Happy holidays everyone :)