26 February 2012

Busy weekend

Hello all my beautiful followers!

Thank you for all  your uplifting and understanding comments, hormones can be a bitch sometimes.

Update on the weight loss side, still staying at 262. My goal is to be at 250 (100lb mark) by the time we leave in May. That gives me 75 days to lose 12lbs. If I stay on track I should be able to get there in that time.
I have a little sinus cold going on. A sore throat from post nasal drip and plugged ears. Not sleeping so good and solids are a little hard going down. On top of the sinus cold we got some snow on Friday and the temperature dropped so solids have been out this weekend. It's fun to experience how outside factors effect my band, not. Having a hard time with p90x. I have not been doing it every day but I have still noticed my pants feel bigger.

I am also working on a power point project this week for my computer class and that will be how I spend the rest of my day today except for a stop to make date and walnut cookies for work. The filling is dates, honey, walnuts, some special dark chocolate chips and orange peel, all run through the food processor and then I will bake it in some filo dough drizzle with more dark chocolate over the top. Not horrible for you but still tasty. and just a little sinful :) I also had class yesterday and my group project people over for about an hour to go over the project details for Tuesday.
I only have one semester till I get my associates degree. I am taking ethics and human biology.

Till next time my dears. I hope you all have a great week.

16 February 2012

Great week...Horrible day

So this week has been awesome! First it started off with a dead Monday. We were slow and I was able to get a lot of stuff done at work that I normally just can't seem to find time for. Tuesday I had a great Valentine's day. Hubby surprised me at work for lunch with a couple of candles and a red table clothe and a single red rose. Then after work I went to a meeting for school and found out I am only 2 classes away from my associates degree!! Very awesome! I will get it 3 days before we move to California. Wednesday I got a small raise (just in time to quit lol). I also as of yesterday was down 4 lbs from Sunday morning! So awesome week up till that point. (and still is really)

Today I turned into an emotional wreck! I was self consous because I decided it would be a good idea to step on the scale this morning after a p90x work out last night and was 2 lbs up. (duh of course the scale is up) Also because I just felt fat even though I have been working out a lot and losing a little at a time. Then I got unnecessarily jealous at my husband for a completely stupid reason that is so stupid I am not going to even say because I fell foolish about it now. Also I consumed 8 cookies today at work which set me way over my caloric intake. Basically my hormonal emotional state was sent down hill because I have been so overly hard on how I look and just feel ugly. I have been feeling like I have failed myself by not being 100lbs down already. Wow that was much harder to admit then I thought it would be. I have been judging my progress off of other people and I really need to stop doing that. Also all the inspiring bandsters out there that are in single digit pants make me feel like I will never get there. I have to find my mojo again. I would love to lose that 12 more pounds before we get pregnant again.

I just keep telling myself how blessed I am though to have this wonderful week and to be 88lbs down with my wonderful band and be so close to my associates degree.

08 February 2012

Time Flys

Hello my wonderful bloggers!!
It has been a long time since I have blogged. A lot has been going on since then. I think the last time I did post was in early December.
This post got a little long so feel free to skim over if needed.

My weight loss has not gone well. I have been stuck between 262 and 271lbs for a couple of months. Emotionally I have noticed I have been eating a lot of my issues. I am working on getting myself back to center emotionally. I wasn't working our while I was pregnant and for about 2 months after the loss. I do find it a success that I have stayed within a 10lb range for that long though. I have started working out again. I am running a couple of times a week and the hubby and I are doing P90x. (painful) Things are looking up on that end. Now only if I could get my eating under control. Possibly therapy could be in order? I think so.

In December we had a lot happen. First we started going to see a infertility doctor since this last miscarriage was not our first and weight loss did not cure that issue. We have had great success in that area so far. After two months of tests and procedures it looks like an easy fix with just low progesterone. So supplementation can be done for that. Fingers crossed.

A couple of weeks before Christmas the dog ruptured a disc in his back and had to have surgery to remove it. He wasn't walking for a couple of weeks afterward but he is doing great now. He has physical therapy just like a human to help him with the learning how to walk again.

My little sister in law is going to have a baby in about 3 weeks or so if she can hold out that long. Also my older sister in law is pregnant and is due in early October. New family to look forward to this year.

We have also gotten orders for our next duty station. We are going back to Camp Pendleton, Ca. Before we go back we are going to spend about 20 or so days in Oregon with the hubby's family. I will have time on my hands as well as a car to get around so if you would like to get together hit me up.

I love you guys and miss you guys!
Hugs :)