26 October 2011


Starting Weight: 350
Last Weeks Weight: 268.3
Today's Weight:268.5
Loss of: +0.2lbs
Total loss of: 81.5lbs

Yup, ate like crap this week. no surprise why I didn't loose anything. I am just glad I didn't gain a ton. I would do the whole proclamation about getting back on track and all that jazz but you all know it. Good eating ahead.

20 October 2011


sorry about the glitch, the video is up and running from yesterday :)

19 October 2011

Wednesday Love

Sorry I am so crappy looking guys I am so freaking tired I didn't feel like doing much. A very short video.
I hope your guys week is going better then mine is :)

I'm sory if you guys can't see it. I will fix it when I get home from work


Starting Weight: 350
Last weeks weight: 269.9
Today's Weight:268.3
Loss of: 1.6lbs
Total loss of: 81.7lbs

I am going to try to post a video later.

Have a happy hump day :)

15 October 2011

Navy Ball Pictures!

First I want to say thank you for the amount of participation I have seen for the Secret Santa so far! It really is great to see everyone want to get involved! I can't wait to pass out everyone to their "Santa's". 

Also I have gotten a couple of emails of people in Illinois and close areas wanting to get together for a lunch or something. If you are interested please leave me a comment or email me at snclarno866@yahoo.com. 

Last night was the Navy Ball. We had a great time and we got a professional pictures taken too. It will be a little while before we get that one though. I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked to but I am happy with the ones I got. 


breakfast the morning over

slightly hung over

the hair stuck even through sleep :)

13 October 2011


Like I said in my Vlog here is the Christmas information for the Secret Santa.

My email is snclarno866@yahoo.com. The cut off for entries for the Secret Santa is going to be 16 November.
If you are interested in participating I need from you:
Blog URL!!!
Mailing Address
Any allergies
Shirt and Pants size

$30 limit
You must be entered by 16 Nov.
Gifts must be mailed out by 17 Dec.
Please try to avoid food gifts.

That said spread the word!! I want this to be as big as we can get it!

p.s. I totally forgot my EEG picture lol

12 October 2011


I finally got the picture situation worked out, so enjoy :)
warning there is food porn in  your future!! plus these are not in order of how they occurred.

Also really quick side note....I saw 269.9 again this morning!! It must have been the 156oz of water I drank yesterday :)

Brandi, Becky and myself at the meet and great

At the meet and great. ( I have alot of booze in these pictures)
getting my drink on at the hard rock cafe. I think by the looks of me i had already had a few lol

We introduced Becky to her first shots ever that night :)

Can you feel the love? I can.

A buttery nipple shot for the four of us.

Bend and pop? I think I missed that lesson. 

We had no idea who that was but he thought our bend and pop was funny.

the last night at the pajama party and look more booze in my hand.

all the wonderful ladies!

another meet and greet photo op.

Angie ( my roomie!), Amanda and myself at the meet and greet

more drinking love

Isn't Becky just as cute as a button!

Brandi and Julie at the Hard rock cafe!

my chobani haul and the wine I got from the goodies

Breakfast on Sunday morning before going to get some Garrets (crack) popcorn

pajama party love!

pajama party cuddling!

a horrible picture but this is my dress for the formal dinner

Myself and Joey

Hey sexy lady!! Beth-Ann

the lovely ellusive drazil and myself

Grace and myself

Myself and Lap Band Gal

Myself, Jen and Becky on the way back from the tattoo place

Becky at the tattoo place with me waiting to see me get my tattoo

The best Ravioli ever made!!

Look more wine and some yummy bread and olive oil!

Ronnie and myself possing on a fountain in Little Italy

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what was left of my brakfast Saturday morning. So freaking yummy! Hashbrowns egg ans sauage patti with country gravy!

The cinnimon bun that I ate 2 small bites of and had to go PB

The always sexy Ronnie getting her stare on!

Left to Right: Jen, Angie, Me, Ronnie and Maria at breakfast with Grace who is taking the picture.

Showing some roomie love with Angie

Left to Right: Ronnie, Maria, Grace, Jen and Angie

The cute little logo for the breakfast place we ate at

O yes we went to Hogwarts!

a picture I sent to my husband Saturday morning to wake him up :)
Have a great Hump day everyone!