27 November 2011

The Holidays

I love all of you. It's hard sometime to feel like you are not alone and I got on blogger today to see how everyone was doing and was reminded how much support is here. thank you all for your kind words and prayers. Having all of you means so much to me. We are taking things one day at a time. 

The holidays have started and Thanksgiving is already behind us. I made all the fixing and a huge 21lb turkey. We have a ton of left overs. I was not losing and eating a ton of food. So I got a fill. A .5cc which puts me up to 6.2cc in my band. It took about a week to kick in but I felt it fully today. I did have a hard time with grits this morning but did ok on a hot dog later in the day. hopefully I will get the results I want.
I got some really good black Friday deals. I got 6 cricut cartridges for $200. they normally run $89 a peice, so I am set for the next 3 yrs.
 My husbands family has been in town since last Tuesday night and is leaving tomorrow after I get home from work. Friday we went to see Happy Feet 2 and dinner then we went to a drive through Christmas light show. My 8yo nephew loved it! On Saturday we went to an indoor water park resort and we all loved it. Today we performed a Christmas tradition of making gingerbread houses. That always turns out to be fun.

We have our work Christmas parties on the 9th and the 10th. Nothing like parting it up all in one weekend. I am still searching for a Secret Santa gift for my person. I am at a loss. I also have one for work and we do gifts that way for the family. We are going to my family for Christmas for about a week. 

I will try to get on more. I miss all of you lovely and wonderful women.

18 November 2011

Secret Santa

This week has been a tough week. I am sorry I am behind on getting out the secret Santa names. At the beginning of this week I miscarried. So I have been slowly getting back into things since vacation and now this. When I get home from work today I will take care of it and if you don't get an email from me by Sunday just let me know. Have a good Friday everyone.

13 November 2011

Im back!

Hey everyone! I am back from vacation and I had a wonderful time!! I relaxed and had a great adventure on a scooter and unbelievably lost weight! I know I couldn't believe it either! I saw my lowest weight yet of 265.9 this morning. I have a couple of pictures to share with you and I will get the rest up later.

Just a reminder that the deadline for the secret Santa ends on the 16th which is next week! So if you haven't signed up click on the Santa picture to the right and get all the information so you can sign up!

our hotel room in Orlando, fl

The hubby on the cruise ship! So handsome! 

Our feet while we relax in port before officially leaving!

The mini golf course at the top of the ship. Not an easy game to play when the  ship gets rocking.

The hubby standing outside the check in place for our dolphin encounter.

05 November 2011

Hanging at the Hotel

Hello from Orlando, Fl!! We are staying at the hotel at the airport and we sale out on our cruise tomorrow at around 2pm. Boarding at around noon. I will post pictures when we come back :)

In the mean time I leave you with pictures from apple picking And one of our hotel room :)
Have a great week!

02 November 2011


Hello all!
Sorry I have been absent for a week. I dint know how I end up so busy and not realize what kept me that busy.
I have not been successful in finding the picture from last years apple picking, I think I deleted it out of hatred of it. I will post the new soon.
Next week is our cruise we are staying at the airport Friday night so we aren't in a rush Saturday morning then we are of to Florida! I am so excited!!!
So on to the damaging Halloween weight:
Today: 272 :$
I saw that and was like wtf!! Candy is my enemy!!
Hoping back on the super workouts tonight and I am not happy with myself. So there is my confession of weight and it hurts. Feel free to bombard my phone (if you have my number) with your disappointment.

Happy hump day to all