About Fat Wife

Who is the Fat Wife....

My name is Shannon and I am twenty something. I had been heavy for as long as I could remember. When I was in high school I lost 80lbs somehow and joined the Navy.  I was in the Navy only 7months when I married the man of my dreams at 18yrs old. We had only know each other for about 2 months before we got married at a courthouse in Chicago on May 7th 2005. After we were married I was pregnant, I had a miscarriage 9 weeks later. I ate my sadness and gained about 20lbs.
He left the day after we were married to go to southern California. I was stationed there with him 3 months later. He deployed 4months after that. While he was gone for a year I ate my loneliness away and gained about 60lbs (even in the Navy). He came home and I had switched to working nights and some weekends. It was wonderful to have him home! When we saw each other they were the best days ever. The stress mounted again as with only being home 3 months his unit was talking about deploying him again. Of course I stress ate. When he deployed again I had failed 2 physical fitness test, you are only aloud to fail 3 before you get your butt booted out of the Navy.
I had a wonderful department head that helped me stay in and start getting back into shape. just when things were getting better I had to have an emergency appendectomy. I ended up failing my 3rd fitness test and getting separated from the Navy in 2008 2 months before the hubby came home from deployment.
At this point I had just given up on myself and ballooned up to 350lbs and just stayed there.
The beginning of 2010 was when I hit rock bottom and started going to therapy. Now at the end of 2010 I have lost 31lbs with my lap band and am a healthier and happier person.
Hubby is still in the Navy and life still gets tough from time to time but in this long journey ahead of me I will keep growing and working on myself.
Currently I am 17months post-op. I had another miscarrage at the end of 2011, I did not eat myself 60lbs heavier out of depression. I hopped on the work out wagon and kept losing. I am currently 88lbs down and still pressing on. I hope to be at my 100lbs mark by my 26th birthday, 16 July :)
Dec 2012: I hit my 100lb mark by my 26th birthday and was pregnant in June with my wonderful miracle who is wiggling and jiggling inside my belly. I have a current band fill of 6.2cc's and am doing wonderful keeping my weight gain to a minimum of 16lbs at 28 weeks. I love my band :)