31 October 2012

It's A.....

22 wks prego
pre-prego weight:257 (weight loss in first trimester, 7lbs =250)
Last post weight: 259.1
Today's weight:  266 (WTF!)

Not sure what the hell happened with my weight this week...
My diet has not changed and I have been walking more and feeling good. I stepped on the scale this morning as naked as a jay bird and bam...WTF batman, Holy hell! I could probably drink more water, but I pee all the time as it is. So who knows maybe thats just the baby catching up to me. I am at a complete loss about this rapid gain.
I know I am going to hear about it from my doctor next week   :(

Today is HALLOWEEN!! Soooo....

Short and sweet today! Baby is doing great!! 2 leg, 2 arms with 10 fingers and 10 toes. We are measuring a week ahead and weighing in at 1lb 3 oz!! Going to be a big one! Quite the mover too, would't sit still the entire time the ultrasound tech was getting measurements.

Without any more delay the little one's gender....

25 October 2012

Belly Pics and Baby Guessing

21 wks prego
pre-prego weight:257 (weight loss in first trimester, 7lbs =250)
Last post weight: 258
Today's weight:  259.1

I am so sorry guys! Time just slipped out of my hands and I completely forgot to post last week! Here I am though half way through this wonderful reproductive process with a lap band. Weight gain is great and to a minimum consider that weight update has two weeks between it (and that is without a poop for four days). As I promised at 20 weeks I would share an updated belly picture. On the left is the starting belly, middle is 15 wk belly and then 20wk belly:

I have noticed that I have a few new followers! Welcome Thanks for following me on this crazy wonderful journey :)

Two weekends ago now I went to get information on starting in a nursing program out here. With any luck I might be in the nursing program in a year and a half :/ if everything works out for me. Seems like such a long time after spending so long getting my associates. I don't know if that will work out though. My wonderful Navy man is going to be putting in for a secondary school that is in Texas so who knows if I will have the time between application and acceptance for him to get all my pre-recs done let alone getting into the nursing program. With a driving force of supporting a soon to be born munchkin time seems to be very pressing.
I broke down and bought maternity clothes that weekend too. I am in the same size pants as pre-pregnancy just with some extra belly room.So that makes me a little happy. I am taller than the normal so I either ware capris or leggings. So I did buy a few long shirts and some leggings too. Let me tell you buying maternity clothes does nothing good for the self esteem. I am buying bigger shirts so that is a down side but that's because the girls have gone up a full cup size and I'm surprised how much of a difference it's making with the fit of my shirts. I just have to keep telling myself it's all because good baby things are happening :)

I went healthy (easy food) crazy. I went online and got a ton of veggie filled protein packed lower calorie crock pot recipes and made a bunch and froze them. So far we have had ( a not so healthy ) pot roast when hubby came out of the field, yummy turkey chili and today I am making a reduced calorie potato soup. I am test driving the whole crock pot meal thing to see if it works so a couple weekends before this bundle of joy appears I can stock up and not worry about eating healthy. All the work will be done.

4 days till we find out what the baby is...any one want to fancy a guess? Here are some clues to work off of for your guess. I had horrible morning sickness the first trimester, I have bad heartburn all the time now and my belly is small for being 21 weeks.

Till next week my lovelies :)

10 October 2012


19wks prego
pre-prego weight:257 (weight loss in first trimester, 7lbs =250)
Last wks weight: 257
Today's weight: 258

Cravings: A tall glass of ice cold water before bed, salty snacks
Aversions: Not really anything any more, I can eat eggs again without feeling sick! Hallelujah!

We had a very relaxing Columbus day weekend. Didn't do much besides go to the beach. I have the best tan I have ever had in my life! We had to say goodbye to an awesome neighbor this weekend too. They are moving out on to bigger and better things away from the military. I made a couple of loafs of pumpkin pie bread this weekend too. Brought a bunch of them to work to get rid of them. I was just in a baking mood.

Not much to say this week though. Weight has stayed just about in the same area. It's amazing what eating better food does for you. I'm be no means being a saint, proof in the left over pizza I am eating for lunch.

I set a goal for myself before I even got pregnant that I would try to stay in a 15lb range for weight gain during pregnancy. Everyone I have told that to has laughed at me and told me how they gained 50-80lbs! I find it hard that no one else finds it ridicules to gain that kind of weight just to push out a 6-9lb baby. (yes I know all the other stuff that comes out too) If I go off my pre-pregnancy weight though (before I lost 7lbs in my first trimester from being sick) I have only gained 1lb. It can be achieved! I will succeed in the minimal weight gain!

Food break down for the day:

breakfast: fruit and protein smoothy with water not milk
snack: 2 small turkey burger patties left over from dinner
lunch: 1 slice of left over pizza
snack: greek yogurt
dinner: no clue yet, but I have to use up the left over ground turkey in the fridge before it goes bad.

Hubby left for his couple of weeks of field training today. It will be nice to have the house to myself for a while. He will be gone just long enough for me to start missing him. (and for me to have a clean house for more than a minute)

How did you all spend your Columbus day?

03 October 2012

Missing my BOOBs

18wks prego
pre-prego weight:250
Last wks weight: 259 (yikes)
Today's weight: 257 (a little better)

Cravings: A tall glass of ice cold water before bed (the worst time to drink anything)
Aversions: Still eggs and not really anything else.

I am really missing my BOOBs this week. Seeing all the pictures and all the fun! I am going to say it right now and you can all hold me to it. I will be there next year! It is just over 6 months after I have the baby and I will be there. I have my BOOBs fund all set up and $100 towards the cause already! I. WILL. BE. THERE. (unless hubby deploys and I have no one to watch the baby...in that case BOO!)

I had my monthly OB check on Monday and everything looks good. At the appointment I weighed in at 260lbs and kinda got scolded for gaining 7lbs so quickly. I also had to get all the genetic blood work drawn and pee in a cup. I also set up my ultrasound to find out if its a boy or a girl! Only have to wait 26 more days! I heard the heartbeat again and she said it was a good strong heartbeat and the right rate. So everything is peachy keen :)

After that appointment I went and got healthy food from the store and set myself straight! It shows in my weight already. Let get this straight right now....I am not trying to lose weight! I am just eating healthier. I want to avoid any scolding on losing weight while prego, it's not happening. I can however control how much weight I gain.
So breakfast for the last 2 mornings have been a 33g protein shake with 3 servings of fruit and some fiber powder to round it all out. Morning snack is a greek yogurt, my other morning snack varies. I had left over shrimp yesterday and today probably a weight watchers cheese stick. Lunch is a protein packed salad, turkey wrap or left over taco meat this week. Dinner is left over turkey taco mix and black beans with fresh green beans. So like I said...by no means am I trying to lose weight, just eating like I should have been eating all along :) except for that pizza hubby brought home last night...oops 

Spent this last weekend on the beach again. It's becoming quite the enjoyable habit. The waves were so strong and some over 10 feet high. A little scary at times but awe-inspiring! I am also going to start going swimming for 30-40 a couple of times after work. I have not been doing any workouts since I got prego and I need to help my cardio build back up so I am not totally starting from scratch after the kid makes it's appearance. I really let fear get to me from the past pregnancy issues we had. I basically shut myself down and focused on being an incubator : /

I hope you all have a great week and keep yourself on track no matter what. It is never to late in your journey to start fresh and keep fight past your fears :)