31 August 2011

Weight-In Wednesday!

First lets start things off with our friend the calender picture! See what I did and didn't do.
I didn't quite hit the 25 workout days I set for myself last Wednesday but I did get my 22 that I had originally planned. :)

Now on to the good stuff!
02Aug11 weight: 288.5
loss of 61.5 lbs
31Aug2011 weight: 276.0
loss of 74 lbs!!!!!!
That is a 12.5 lb loss for the month of August!!!

Can you say holy shit balls that's awesome!!!

So on to September. I am going to do the same thing. Here is the new calender:
I was so nervous that I was going to step on the scale and not have lost a thing! 12 lbs is more than I had hoped for and I can't really ask for a better month then that.

Have a Happy Hump Day everyone!!

30 August 2011

O o o BOOB's!

Hello bloggers!Can you believe it's only a month away? Time sure does fly! In an effort to get to know each other even mooooore we have a little questionnaire for you. If you are so inclined (c'mon - be inclined!) copy these questions onto your own blog to answer. Go crazy and steal the image above too!If you don't feel comfortable answering some questions like when your flight arrives because you have a stalker, don't worry your pretty little head about it. We only ask to help pair up people that would like to share a cab, a shuttle, a few laughs, etc. If you like, you can email your info to us at bandofoutrageousbabes@gmail.com and we can let you know if anyone else is traveling near your time too.Title: BOOBs 2011 Fun Facts!

1. How did you pick your blog name?  This feels like a repeat question from last weeks BYOC...hmm.  Recap: military has basically 2 types of wives, fat and thin. I'm a fat wife (or was) my favorite word is Fabulous...so I'm a fat wife on the road to getting fabulous!
2.When did you start blogging? 
3. Theme of blog (weight loss, family, circus clowns, sci-fi, erotica, fly fishing, doll collecting, star wars, etc)
Being banded, weight loss my life.
4. Did you go to BOOBs 2010? 
no I didn't even know you all existed that time last year
5. When were you banded?
6. How much have you lost? at the moment unsure. can you ask me tomorrow?
7. What are you most looking forward to at BOOBs? 
The meet and greet! It will be great to finally meet all you wonderful ladies!
8.What/who do you hope to find/see/accomplish at BOOBs 2011? 
well main goal is to have a great time! I want to meet everyone I can and give hugs all around. I don't really have any expectations except to have fun really.
9.Children? Pets?
no kiddos yet and I have 2 cats and a dog. There is the oldest cat, jax or nickname is fatty, younger cat is Mr. Monster, nickname little shit. Then there is my baby! Our dog Teddy nickname turd. Is it weird that my animals nicknames all have to do with poop?
10. Who is your roomie? 
sigh....no one. My hubby is staying with me because i took to long about deciding to stay down in the city.i was just planning on commuting but I want to stay up with you wonderful ladies and party hardy!
11. What day do you arrive? 
probably not until about 5 or so. I don't get off work till 3 and then I have to wait in traffic to get there :(
12. What airport/flight/time? 
The airport of me and flight mine at any time I want :)
13.What events are you signed up for? 
The comedy show and I am the POC for the sears tower in the morning I have tentative plans to go dancing. beyond that the meet and greet and the dinner! A ton of fun planned.
scrap booking, making bath and body products, reading, now I can say running :) 
15. Career? 
Right now I am a medical assistant but I am going to go for my nursing degree.
16. Single? Married? In a relationship? 
I am happily married for the last 6yrs and some change :)
17. Your birthday month?
July - cancer :)
18. What do you want other BOOBs to know about you?
o gosh this is a hard question...what do you all want to know about me?

Scales, Acid and Vertigo..Oh My!

Tomorrow morning I am weighing myself. Only because it's Weight-In Wednesday for the end of the month. After that I am only going to be doing a once a month weigh-in. I like just making sure I do whats right for my body not just looking for a drop on the scale. I know when I eat like crap and when I don't work out like I am supposed to. It shouldn't be a huge surprise if I have a gain or stay the same at the end of the month. It's so much nicer not fretting over the number on the scale though. Freaking out over a .5 gain just because I only drank 2 liters of water instead of 3. I didn't think I would be able to do it.You should all give this a good try...it's very liberating! I am hoping that this is a little what maintenance feels like. Although is it too much to ask to be 8lbs down?

I have to without a doubt take my prilosec. Without it I have bad stomach pains. There not the worst pain I have ever felt, but it does get in the way. So I am bound to medication again. I was so happy when I could stop taking it because my night time heartburn had gone away. Did I tell you guys that I stopped drinking any type of soda because of this issue. 2 weeks ago I took a can of soda with me for class and was in pain for pretty much the next 24hrs because of it. So I have cut out all soda from my life to help with this situation. Its frustrating to have to be back on medication again.

I have issues with vertigo. I have had this issue for as long as I can remember but it never really caused to much of a problem before 2 summers ago. I was at conference my husband was part of running and couldn't get out of bed because the room was spinning so bad. for the most part it's not really to big of an issue and I just feel floaty a lot of the time. The last couple of weeks it got to the point were I was driving and had to pull over because I couldn't see. That scared the crap out of me! It kept going through my head that I could have hit someone and not have even known. I have to get a bunch of blood work done and then see the doctor which wants a CT scan of my head. I'm a little nervous about it all. It's gotten worse only within the last 2 weeks. Standing up I have to hold onto things and I get a mini blackout. I don't pass out, that only happened once after my miscarriage years ago and I was standing in formation instead of in bed like I was supposed to be. Stubborn, I know. I guess I'm just a little scared. There I said it. This stuff always makes me nervous. My appointment is on the 6th. I am so tired of being this dizzy all the time. I know its just vertigo, but it's starting to turn my life upside down. So I'm scared.

I hope you all have a great Tuesday!

29 August 2011

Icky Monday

Not really to much to talk about today. Had a nice relaxing weekend. Did a lot of homework and working out and eating. I made peanut butter chocolate chunk muffins. We also shared a mini cheesecake with fruit on top! yummy!!!! Also made some more taco meat to eat throughout the week. I wonder when I will get sick of the stuff.
Plus a ton of cleaning. My house now looks all purdy.
Took the dog for a nice long walk. About half way through I got the look that says please pick me up. His little legs make it hard for him to keep up. I think it's time for him to get on a workout routine as well.
Made some exfoliating sugar scrub last night. I will have to test that out when I get home tonight.
So today has been busy so far. After work I am tanning then coming home and running. Also working on some more homework.  I still have to go through and get more stuff together for the garage sale. There just doesn't seem like enough time in the day to get everything done that I want to get done though.

Also for those of you that I am connected with on Facebook please be discreet about the my banding situation. Part of my family and a few friends don't know about it. I am proud of my band but there are some people it just not worth dealing with them and there disapproval if they new. I appreciate your understanding.

Have a good Monday ya'll!!

27 August 2011

Running Fool

Just a quick post to share with you my progress!

First Route: 2.07 miles in 29:39mins at 14:18min per mile pace
Today's Route: 2.23miles in 29:42mins at a 13:19min per mile pace. :)

Getting better little by little!

26 August 2011


BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy – 5 little questions you can copy and paste to your own blog in an effort to get to know your fellow bloggers better and to give your blogging brain a break. Thank Draz :)


1. What is your blog theme and how did you pick your blog name?
My blog theme is about weight loss and being banded and eventually babies while being banded. My background reminds me of scrap booking which is one of my most favorite hobbies. My blog name is A Fat Wife's Journey to Fabulous. My thinking behind it is that there are (for the most part) 2 types of military wives. The fit skinny one and the fat ones that wear sweat pants everywhere they go and I had fallen into the second category and finally looked the fact straight in the eye. Fabulous is kind of my word too. I have a mirror decoration in my car that is just a silver metal cut out of the word fabulous. So I am just a shrinking fat wife trying to be fabulous. :)

2. Repeat question: I’m going to name a person not knowing anything about this person in your life or even if they exist and you need to try to describe them in five words/phrases.

Female neighbor two homes/doors down to the left
I have no idea who they are. I tend not to meet my neighbors. They move so much anyway that its almost a waist of time. I hope our driveway neighbors change in a hurry though because they are just trashy and gross!

3. Which do you hate more? Spiders or snakes. Elliptical or treadmill. Hannah Montana or Lindsay Lohan.
Really we have to choose between snakes and spiders?!? I hate them both equally! To me every snake is a python and every spider is a trantula! no thanks to either.
I would rather run on the treadmill then get on the elliptical but I wouldn't say I hate either one of them though.
I would say I hate Hannah Montana less. At least she's not going to jail every other day.

4. Completely selfish question…I need a dress for Chicago…keep in mind I live in Podunk so the options of physically going into a vast array of stores is VERY limited. (thank God for the Internet) When you need something fancy/a dress – what is your go to store and why?
Honestly I don't buy a lot of clothes of the Internet but I have one store that I am waiting to get a dress for my husbands Christmas party for work. It's called pin up girl clothing, I love there style and they have a blue dress on there that I want ssoooo bad! Thank god for dresses that love big hips :D

5. Repeat question: How was your week in blog land and in real life?

Blog land: trying to keep up with you all as best I can. It was good to see that earth quake and hurricane people were ok. I bought my ticket to go to the second city comedy show at BOOBs!! It should be so much fun! I am also hoping to go dancing on Saturday night. Any takers? We can get snockered and have a good old time! After dinner of course :) Protein before extra calories ladies.

Real Life: I have been keeping up with the gym and the no weighing myself. My classes are going good. Keeping me busy and my mind working.
Ttonight I am going to tan again. Yes, in the pod of doom! The hubby said that he noticed a very tiny bit of color on my back, but he might be crazy. I haven't noticed any difference. I hope I will be able to see a difference after this second time.
I am getting my hair extensions in a couple weeks. The lady from the salon I am using said they last anywhere from 5-6 months! they use real hair too so I can style them and everything just like the real deal. I think I am going to set up my consult the first second week of September. I will have them for BOOBs :)

There is a ton of stuff to get done and it all seems to involve spending money :( But at least it's only for a short while. Lots of stuff to do with dresses and fun nights out!
My cold seems to be lingering and it's making my vertigo crazy bad. I had to pull over while driving because I was so dizzy I couldn't see anything. Thankfully it doesn't last very long but holy crap it's scary when your driving. So I have been trying to get seen for that but no one from my doctors office has called me back. So frustrating!
Anyway...have a good weekend everyone and don't do anything that I wouldn't do :) 

25 August 2011

Adventures in Tan Land

I had a Draz moment yesterday:
I have tan lines. My tan lines cut across me in weird places that don't look faltering when warring a new elegant dress. So I got the great idea into my head to start tanning for the first time in my life. I was told that the best thing to do is to use the stand up tanning booth. So there is more area tanned on your body.
So i walk into the salon and tell them that I have never done this before but here is what I would like to do.
They set me up with a plan and off we go to the tanning room.
The lady opens the door and I am starring at what looks more to be like a space pod landed for destruction than a tanning booth. There is little goggles and aloe spray to make you feel all smooth and junk after. She shows me where the button is to turn it on and says just hop in. I am looking at this thing and thinking I am going to step inside it and I'm going to die during take-off. It is so small and cramped and the lights are all covered with wires that look like your behind bars. 
She ends the little how to with "if you need anything I will be at the desk". I am thinking to myself, 'really so if I scream for my life you are going to come rescue a naked (yes nussing on!) me from a alien pod that is abducting me or inducing claustrophobia! I don't think so.
She walks out and I shuts the door and lock it. Yes I strip down to nussing! Lather myself with this sample tanning lotion, put the goggles on, push the button and step in. 
There was wind inside that thing! Not just a nice breeze to help refresh you, no this wind was so strong it sucked the door shut behind me!  I was terrified that my fears were coming true! I held on tight to the handles and did a little squat. I realized as I tried to squat down my hair had gotten caught in the fan that made it feel like a freaking tornado in there. Again a mini freak out as I try not to picture how much hair got chopped off. After pulling my hair out of the thing I went into full squat with the girly parts getting all nice and aired out (i recommend it, very refreshing actually, weird too) all I can think is that my husband would find this hilarious. So on the verge of freaking out the 3 mins ends and the pod goes black. Not just hey were done and the hazard light will lead you to the exit dark I mean can't see an inch in front of your face black. I push my way out of that thing as fast as humanly possible. 
My hair all a mess and smelling like I bathed at the sunscreen factory I get dressed and walk out. 
The girls asked how it went and all I could muster up was "It's interesting"
I am now subjecting myself to this torture 3 times a week. 

I have issues. 

I have also been having alot of leg pain. It starts in my left hip area and kinda shoots down my leg. I have had a lot of muscle pain for years with sitting and in the butt area. I thought it was just from being heavy but as I loose weight it gets worse. I think I am going to get seen for that as soon as I can. Fingers crossed it's nothing major.

24 August 2011

Non-Weight In Wednesday

Holy crap people! It's only Wednesday. It feels like the whole week has gone by already and then some! Well here it is the wonderful calender that charts my not weighing in and my work out days.
First off can you all believe it is the 24 of August already! Were the heck has the year gone.
I have successfully not weighed myself since the 2nd of August! It feels very liberating not to be tied done by the scale.
I have worked out a total of 19 days so far this month. My goal was to hit 22 days and I thought that was going to be a struggle. I have enjoyed running so much though that it has not been much of an issue getting out and just doing it. So I am raising my days to 25 days this month. Not to overly aggressive but a huge success if I make it.

I kinda just slid it into another post and really haven't given it the kind of praise it deserves because I have been so busy. But huge NSV for me. I am down to a size 18! This is 5 sizes smaller then what I was wearing this time last year! I had been stuck at a size 20 for about 3 months and was getting really discouraged and this  was just what I needed to really show me that I am on track still. Especially since I am not weighing myself :)

So all I have to get my shrinking arse back to work.
Have a great hump day and Happy Humping!

23 August 2011

It's A New Day

Yesterday was stressful!
I was by myself most of the time at work.
I work as a medical assistant in an office with only one provider that gives care to about 700 people. We get busy. It's hard to work both the front desk and take vitals at the same time. So when I was at the desk I ate! Holy crap! I had about 7 100cal packs. On top of that I had half of a sandwich that took me an hour and a half to eat. Almost no water and for dinner? Banana Cream Pie Blizzard :(
Did I mention I felt like crap too because I'm sick.
Yesterday was an eating day, and I wasn't going to work out. But at about 8:30pm I was all like "hey, I'm going for a run!" My hubby just looked at me like I had 4 heads (because the 3 heads is kinda normal). In his tone I could hear "who is this woman and what has she done with my wife!"
He went with me though. He rode behind me on the bicycle. He said he didn't want me to be out by myself. Such a nice guy. I went 2.16 miles (with stopping for a poop, things get moving when your moving.) in 31mins.
I felt slightly better about my eating afterwards, but not much. O well like i have been saying to myself. Today is a new day.

today is going to be a long day. I woke up at 5am for work, then I go from work straight to the gym (showering there...shudder), then to class and home at around 10pm. I just might have to shower again at home depending on how I feel about my feet. (shudder) Public showers kinda scare me with all there fungusness. So this is going to be a very long day.
I packed my lunch and dinner for today last night before I went for my run.
So I should stick to my eat plan. For breakfast it was chobani with granola (yummy!), snack is 2 cheese sticks, lunch is 1c taco meat with fat free sour cream and taco shred cheese. I also have some dried veggie chips, a banana and dried fruit for filler if I get hungry throughout the day. Overall though lots of protein and lots of water. 3 liters worth.

I hope this week goes by fast because so far its a crappy one.
Have a happy Tuesday

22 August 2011

Cats, Furniture and NSV!

Happy Monday everyone, I don't have a ton of time for a lengthy post so I will rock this one bullet style.
  • Saturday was long.
  • Mr. Monster (the cat) has an ear infection. He also got a shot on Sat.
  • We reupholstered an otoman mostly on Sat. Pictures below

Of course my perfect puppy had to model for the camera to show it off :P

  • The hubby made a pillow to match. He did good for his first time on a sewing machine. There are 3 more to follow. Probably made by me.

  • Sunday we finished the refurbishing work. see pics above.
  • Cleaned the house and did some laundry
  • Made a huge batch of taco meat. yummy stuff for lunches.
  • Later on Sunday we rode our bikes 4 miles to go get some dinner and then rode back. It was a very nice outing with a great 8 mile workout :)
  • NSV!! I am officially in a size 18! I didn't want to claim it till I could fit into the jean size since they tend to run smaller then other types of pants!
  • Class keeps me busy and house stuff keeps me busy.
  • I am cleaning out stuff for a garage sale that my hubby's work is putting on to raise money for the Christmas party this year. It's going to be at our house so why not :)
  • and lastly I ran 2 miles in just under 30mins. Not bad for a newbie. Here is my training app pics.

Ok that's all I have today. I will catch up with you all when I can. Happy Monday :)

I am sick and am really tight today. I have been drinkning airborn like it's cool. Fingers crossed I can get lunch down :/

19 August 2011


So my ticker says that my BMI is 37. At my gym they have a tool there that calculates muscle mas and BMI and some other stuff. It's not just based off weight and height. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my BMI according to there little machine was 34! I had started out at around 44.Freaking fabulous! That was last week but every time I went to type up a post I always was thinking about something else.

It's BYOC. A couple of question we answer in the effort to get to know each other better. Thank Draz :)

1. How much makeup do you wear daily, how long does it take you and are you loyal to certain brands?
I'm not really loyal to any brands except for my powder and I couldn't even tell you the name off the top of my head. It's one of the mineral ones. I used to put makeup on every morning. Powder,liquid liner, mascara and blush. Now I don't put on any unless I am feeling in a fancy mood. My skin and confidence has gotten a ton better as I have lost weight so I am more comfortable with myself without makeup now. I do put it on when we go out most of the time though.

2. Repeat question: I’m going to pick a person not knowing your relationship with them (or even if there is one) and you try to describe this person in 5 words/short sentences.

Your oldest paternal auntUmmm
weight issues

3. Tell me about your first real kiss and how old you were.
Like I said for the first one...I don't remember. But I remember my first kiss with my hubby. It was very sweet. We had been walking around the mall and talking for a couple of hours and we were sitting waiting for a movie and I laid down and put my head in his lap. We were talking about take risks and chances and he bent down and kissed me. Very sweet! It does not feel like that was almost 7 years ago!

4. If I gave you $1000.00 and told you that you had to give it to a charity – which charity would you choose and why?
I would give it to the wounded warrior project.  It's a program that is very near and dear to my heart and is doing great things for men and women in uniform.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.
Blog land: It's awesome to be following all the new baby bandsters and see how well they are doing. There is a lot of count down till BOOBs going on and I love seeing who all is featured on the BOOBs blog. by the way whats everyone wearing to dress up night?

Real Life: Work, Working out, Running, School, hubby.... It's getting to be a busy life these days. My hubby told me last night that he can't wait till I step on the scale because it looks like I have lost weight! How exciting is that! I started the C25K (couch to 5k) program. I started with week 2 and modified it a bit. Instead of doing 20mins I did 30mins. For all the runners out there you should get the iMapMyRUN app for apple products. If you run with it for music it will track you run distance and time. It will also show your route. You can also friend me :) This running stuff is very empowering! I love how I feel when I'm done.
This weekend is going to be filled with crocheting, coking and cleaning with a good amount of down time. It's supposed to rain tomorrow here but it will be a nice day to just do what needs to be done around the house. I am making a crocheted elephant animal. I will get a picture up when it's done. I hope it turns out as cute as the one in the picture is.

Have a good weekend everyone! and TGIF!!!!

18 August 2011

Holy Shit Balls NSV!!!

This is my "I just ran 3/4 of a mile and it's to hot in my house not to be naked" look. Beside my almost revealing photo I can't believe that I ran 3/4 of a mile! I walked the rest of it and I was slow and I was dripping by the time I was done but i freaking did it!!! That is a huge NSV for me! Yesterday was Non-Weight In Wednesday and I have realized, since I started, all the little achievements I was missing when I focused solely on the scale. What a great way to refocus on not just losing weight but becoming healthy! After I felt great! I drank 3 liters of water yesterday and I got about 40 grams of protein in :) I haven't ran that much since about a year before I got out of the Navy. I swam all my physical assessments instead of running them. I used to hate running. Now I feel so empowered by what my body can do! I can't wait to get out there and run again tonight.

Ok it's time to get real though. I have been so lucky with all my NSV's with my workouts this month so far and my post have been very upbeat! I want you all to know that I still struggle all day long! From going to the gym or not eating the chocolate chips that are left over in the cupboard. (like I did last night...oops) I don't want you all to think that I am leaving out the hard parts of this journey on purpose, cause I'm not. I have just come into the frame of mine that it's not that serious. I have kinda come to terms with the struggles. I know there going to happen and I just have to prepare myself to say "NO". If I slip up then I recognize what I did wrong and try again. I'm not perfect, not even close. I can't go around beating myself up every time I eat the wrong thing though because this is for life not just a short term diet. It's not like I'm not ever going to eat ice cream again or potato chips. So there it is. I bring to you what I am and my hopes of what I will be, I just choose to sing out the things that are going great for me :)

I can't wait to go for another run today!!

I hope you all have a great day and refocus on all the little things you have been missing :)

17 August 2011

Non-Weight In Wednesday and A Sad Woman

I was looking at pictures and came across this picture.

I used to think that this picture was a good one and that it was cute because I was snuggling with my dog. I remember that weekend though. I was 23, we were camping with 3 other couples. I was so overweight that I needed help getting up out of the chair because I was in so much pain from my knees. I look at this picture now and see a very unhappy woman. My shoulders are slouched and I am trying to hide into myself. I want to cry for all the things that this woman went through. I was so big that I could barely get out of a chair. It's hard to believe I let myself get to that point. It's also scary that this point wasn't very long ago. This picture is a reminder of all the work I have put into get to this point and to all the work I still have to do.

On to Non-Weight In Wednesday
It has gotten much easier to avoid the scale. I still have my moment when we have a stare down but I win out every time. I don't know if I am losing but clothes are fitting differently. So if I end up not losing a single pound this month I will be slightly frustrated but I don't think I will see it as to much of a set back because I know I am gaining muscle which in the end will help more with my weight loss.

Also I stopped taking my birth control today. Yes it means what you think it means, but not for a couple of months to come yet. I am hoping that stopping it will help with my weight loss. I was taking a rather high dose pill so I am thinking that my stall in weight loss might have been assisted by this little fact. So after a couple of months have evening out after the pill we shall see what happens. :) 

It's hump day ssooo happy humping everyone!

16 August 2011


I missed yesterday. I didn't even think about it till I was laying in bed. It was a busy day with work, gym and the start of a new semester. I got home from the gym, put dinner in the oven, took a shower, ate then did school work. I didn't get up to do anything else until about 8:30 last night. Even then that was just letting the dog out.
I will make up for it today though.
I went to the gym last night. I was really not feeling it. I did work out and push myself though. If i wasn't for my trainer I don't think I would have even gone. The idea of losing money was not nice.
We went to the concert this weekend and it was kinda a bust. We got there early and didn't get into the venue until late. Even when we got in nothing was set up all the way. It was a mini disaster. It rained like a monsoon twice while we were there. We left at around 8pm because after 12 hours of being there (with no re-entry btw) we were just done. We didn't even get to see the bands that we went to see.
Sunday we went to the movies. We saw The Help. Great movie! I highly recommend it. We also saw 30 Minutes or Less. That one was ok. Nothing special. Between shows we had enough time to go grab a quick bite to eat at Red Robins right across the street, so we walked over. We split a chicken wrap. I ate my half except for 2 bites and had 2 small frys. I was full! It was amazing!  Mean while the hubby ate all of his and his decorative garnish and some of my frys. Poor guy.
Classes started yesterday. I am taking one online and one in class. So I will try to stay on top of blogging as best as I can while also maintaining a good GPA and workout schedule.
So quick NSV, a little tiny nightie that didn't fit before now fits! So I don't know if the scale is moving but I know I am losing inches! I love that nightie too and so does the hubby so it's a win win for both of us!

Well tonight I have class. So it's going to be a long day.
Have a good Tuesday everyone!

12 August 2011


BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy – 5 questions you can copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire – in an effort to get to know your fellow bloggers better and to give your blog brain a break! Thanks Draz :)


1. I have to do some MAJOR cleaning tonight…which is prompting me to ask…what is the absolute worst thing you hate to clean or cleaning chore you hate the most? (vacuuming, dusting, laundry, toilets, floors, etc.)

I hate doing the dishes and laundry! they never seem to end!

2. Brown or Black? Fly or Drive? Hot dog or Burger? Gold or Silver?

I only have one item of clothing that is brown so I guess I lean more toward black.

I would rather fly! anywhere! It's so much quicker but way to expensive, so by force I have to drive.

I like hot dogs better. I think now that's because it's hard to get burger down. but hot dogs are yummy :)

I am a silver kind of girl, if I get gold it's white gold. Both of my rings are white gold. Love it! I find it sparkles much more than yellow gold does too.
3. Repeat question: I’m going to pick a person not knowing your relationship with them or even if a relationships exists – and you then try to describe that person in 5 short sentences/words.

Maternal Grandmother
big personality
fast paced
struggles with her weight

4. Even if you don’t have kids, how do you feel about kids in multiple sports during their school years?  Were you in MULTIPLE sports all during school?  Forced or by choice?
I think if the kid can handle it with out there grades slipping then let them do it. If there school work starts to suffer and they seem stressed at home, then it's time to pull them out. As long as they are thriving and happy then why not.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Reel life is getting a little stressful, I will update you all on that when I can. If you will, all I ask it that you keep my husband in your thoughts.
I have a trainer appt tonight. Really looking forward to that. We have a big concert tomorrow that we are going to. We do have to be up rather early to go though so I am not excited about that. Should be fun over all though.

In blog land it has been hard keeping up with everyone. Work this week has been busy and I am so glad it's Friday finally.Have a great weekend everyone :)

11 August 2011

It's Thursday

Sorry I'm a little behind today, busy day at work. So we are going to go bullet style today.
  • had an NSV yesterday at the gym. I did 10 push-ups in a row! I am extremely happy with that. I couldn't even do 1 a month ago!
  • I struggled a ton not to get on the scale this morning, I was standing there with nussing on just staring at the scale. The internal battle was raging and then the brain won out.
  • My husband apparently kisses me in my sleep.
  • Mr. Monster (the cat) has become a new kitty! Getting his manly parts cut off worked miracles! I no longer feel like I have a mini Satan running around my house. Also I have been getting sleep since he is no longer demon possessed all night long.
  • It's not official yet but it looks like we will be transferring to Southern California next spring. We will be right around San Diego area. Fingers crosses that my husband gets the orders that he wants.
Well have a good evening everyone, I am off to get passport photos taken so I can go on my cruise in 86 days.

10 August 2011

Not So Weight-In Wednesdays

I got so caught up in the giveaway and the dress deal I totally forgot about my non-weight-in day!
So here goes nothing!
It is so much harder to not weight myself then I thought! I was weighting myself every morning with nussing on. (thanks draz) After a good poop, and after I worked out! Then sometimes I would even ignore the advice I give to my hubby all the time and weight myself right before going to bed! I am nervous about the scale not moving when I do step on it again, but I also know I am doing most everything right. ( i do have a sweet treat once in a while). The gym made me more nervous. I get measurements taken and they weighed me but I told them not to say anything unless it was over 288. The guy acted all weird after I weighed in. So I am so nervous now!
I can fuel a whole type of psychosis based on that couple of minutes that guy was acting all nervous.
Oh I hate and love the scale.
p.s. The dress from the last post was bought at a store that goes up to size 22. At my highest I couldn't fit in any of there stuff (size 26). The one I have on there is a size 18!

Winner and $32!

Time to announce the winner from yesterdays giveaway post. I used a random number generator to be fare with the picking.

The winner is:

Just email me your address at snclarno866@yahoo.com :)

I want to share with you all the story of a $250 dress. This dress is purple with crushed velvet trim and design with a mermaid style bottom. I beautiful site!!
But alas, it was to expensive...Until it went on clearance for $109!
It's perfect it's mine! Then the deal gets even better, It was put on sale for 70% off the clearance price...making it $32!!! OMG!!! So I got it!!
This dress is for the Navy Ball this year. It's some time in October. It celebrates the Navy's birthday. Very formal and competitive. Wives can be brutal at these things. So imagine me with hair extensions and accessories and here ya go!

Have a great day everyone!

09 August 2011


I enjoy this workout a lot and I just happen to have an extra one now, sssoooo leave a comment below and we will have a winner tomorrow morning! 

08 August 2011

A Saturday of Awesomeness!

Picture post :)

The hubby and I spent the day together on Saturday. We went to the Wisconsin State Fair and walked around Milwaukee  A very fabulous day.

(not all pictures were taken by me or hubby)

We started out the day going to the Wisconsin state fair! W e walked around there for about 2 1/2 hours.

Look I found Betsy! 

I couldn't help myself. It was so hot that I was literally dripping with sweat at this point.

After the fair we went and got lost in Milwaukee. We parked next to this wonderful little market .

Here is a top view from the inside. A lot of little eateries and deli type places. Also they had a couple of very small bars and a small specialty spice store. 

After that we walked around the lake front...

...Then by the river that ran through the city. Very beautiful and about  2  1/2 hours more of walking. 

After all that walking we went for dinner at an amazing restaurant!  The safe house. You have to know the password to get in. It's a great atmosphere and great food! I had an herb cheese spread with pita appetizer for dinner :)

A little bit of the inside

We had such a great time! I know for a fact that I wouldn't have been able to have such a wonderful day 60lbs ago! Overall we walked about 10 miles. I think I might have sweat at least a gallon too. I love my band!

Have a happy Monday everyone!

05 August 2011

B.O.O.B.s!!! and BYOC

Sorry this is a little long :/

This post is for all my fellow B.O.O.B.s ladies!

I am wanting to get a group together to go to the Sears Tower on Saturday mid morning. Maybe around 10 am. If we get a group of 15 or more to go we can get a discounted rate and be able to skip the ticket line.  I don't know if we will be able to get a group that big together but it's worth a try. :)

I can give a cut off date for a yes or no if you want to go by Friday September 23. Please no later inquiry then that.


  1. I’m going to pick a person in your life – not knowing if you have a good or bad, existing or non-existent relationship with them – and your mission is to pick 5 words or traits or thoughts to describe them.
    Your paternal grandmother.
  2. What’s your all time favorite color to paint your nails? And your toes?
    Toes -  Black tips
    Fingers - I match them to whatever I have on my fingers
  3. Do you get along with your parents well?For the most part. I am very independent and I think they know that and have settled with just letting me do my own thing :)
  4. Speaking of rainbows – rank the rainbow colors in the order you prefer.
  5. Repeat question. How was your week in real life and in blog land this week?
    Real life has been busy! I feel like I haven't seen allot of my hubby this week. But this weekend should be nice and calm :) I have worked out every day this week and I am going today too.

    Blog land has been all about BOOBs! 56 more days! Or it might just be me being all about BOOBs :) I have started following a lot of baby bandsters, there enthusiasm has really rubbed off and is an encouragement to keep on trucking.
Have a great weekend everyone! I will be checking in to see who is interested in the Sears Tower trip :)

04 August 2011

Bullets Baby!

Not really anything to make up a full post so it's bullet style day.
  • On Tuesday I worked out so hard that I scrapped up my knees. They really hurt during last nights work out.
  • I have inadvertently started eating a low carb diet. I am still eating carbs but more meat, cheese and yogurt than anything else. It's done wonders for my digestive system. I am on a morning poop routine :) Sorry Draz.
  • Marshmallows are awesome!
  • I am staying over night at B.O.O.B.s now! So I can party all night long with everyone!
  • Trying out the above workout video, courtesy of a co-worker. For those days that I don't feel like going to the gym. It's supposed to be really good.
  • I brought lunch meat and baby bell light cheese for lunch. Yummy! good old stand-by, since my husband ate my lunch for the next 2 days in one sitting!
  • Today is pay day. That's always nice.
  • I could only eat half of an fried egg sandwich last night. It was very satisfying. I did feel kinda sad leaving such a yummy sandwich for my husband, but it means that fill is working!
  • 93 days till our cruise!
  • I ordered new bathing suit tops that are 2 sizes smaller then the one I was wearing and that was falling off of me
  • 57 days till B.O.O.B.s!!!
Well that's all I can think of for today. It's Thursday people, only one more day to the work week. Hang in there.

03 August 2011

Non-Weigh-In Wednesday / Recipe

First things first...I have 100 followers!! Holy crap, how did that happen. I love all of you and the support you provide every day!!!

As the title says this is a non-weigh-in Wednesday. For the month of August I decided to not weigh myself at all! So instead I will take this day to be accountable to you. I am posting this calender to show you what days I have worked out and what days I have stayed away from the evil scale. I plan to do 22 days at the gym this month. So far I am 3 for 3 at the gym ( I know I am going tonight because I have a trainer appt.) Yesterday was when I decided to start the no weigh thing so I started today. Red is for the a successful scale day and green is for a successful gym day!
Ok so I had people asking me about my Taco recipe so here it is:
  • 1.25lb ground turkey 99%
  • 1 12oz can petite diced tomatoes
  • 1 12oz can black beans
  • 1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth
  • chopped onion to taste ( i like allot so I put in half an onion)
  • 1 red pepper chopped the same size you chop the onion
  • I add 2 packets of taco seasoning because I love allot of flavor
cook the onion and the pepper together till about half way done. then add the turkey, cook 95% of the way. At this point add the chicken broth then the taco seasoning. stir till combined. Drain the tomatoes and the beans and add them in last. they just need to be heated through. I serve it with low fat sour cream! I don't remember the brand I like but it's in the red tub. 232.5 cals and 26.1g of protein in the recipe! I have this recipe dished out for 8 servings. I have never really mesured it out all the way.
It's such a a fast and easy dinner and my hubby loves it to. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do :)
Happy Hump Day!

02 August 2011


1. What is your occupation right now ?
As of right now I am a medical assistant and a wifey-poo... the second one is more fun!

2.What color are your socks right now?
Not wearing any at the moment. I have ballet style shoes on.

3. What are you listening to right now?
My co-workers computer shutting down for the day.

4. What was the last thing that you ate?
taco mix for lunch with 2 baby bell cheese..yummy!  

5. Can you drive a stick shift?
Yes, but I have not driven one in years so I probably don't even remember how.

6. Last person you spoke to on the phone?
My husband

7. Do you like the person you stole this blog from?
Very much so!

8. How old are you today?

9. What is your favorite sport to watch on TV?
none, if I have to watch a sport usually football, we aren't into sports though

10. What is your favorite drink? 
hmmm....starbucks double shot energy drink vanilla! so good, so bad for you!

11. Have you ever dyed your hair?
All the time! I haven't in a while though
12. Favorite food?
crab rangoon!

13. What is the last movie you watched?
Captain America
14. Favorite day of the year?
My birthday!  

15. How do you vent anger?
I have a hard time venting my anger but it usually comes out as bitchyness toward my hubby 

16. What was your favorite toy as a child?
a bright Orange and purple bear. I have it still in a bin in the garage waiting for its next owner some day :)

17. What is your favorite season?
I love spring! it gives you hope that winter is over for a little while   

18. Cherries or Blueberries?
Cherries!!! I could eat a whole bag if I tried! 

19. Do you want your friends to blog this survey?
Yes please!

20. Where is you favorite place to escape?
My bedroom with a good book. I love my bedroom set and comforter. so cozy!
21. Favorite Tv Show?
Supernatural and White Collar is a close second

22. Living arrangements?
just me the hubby and 3 fur babies

23. When was the last time you cried?
Last week when I got so frustrated at work I just couldn't take it any more and hubby made me stop and talk to him about it

24. What is on the floor of your closet?
What isn't on the floor of my closet! we be messy in there!
25. Who is the friend you have had the longest?
My husband. I don't keep friends long I seem to grow up a little and no one else seems to. They would rather spend there money like idiots and drink every day of there lives and sleep around. I am just not into that. Plus allot of the military wive will try and get close to you just to spread your business around because they have nothing else to do all day

26. What did you do last night?
worked out, made dinner and watched tv.

27. What are you most afraid of?
infertility issues and my hubby dieing while on deployment

28. Plain, cheese, or spicy hamburgers?
mmm i love cheese!

29. Favorite dog breed?
Doxins!!! I have the cutest little mini doxin named teddy! he is my shadow when im home :)

30. Favorite day of the week?
Friday afternoon. I could do without the going to work part

31. How many states have you lived in?
5 maybe 6

32. Diamonds or pearls?
Diamonds!! I love sparkly things!

33. What is your favorite flower?
Gerbera Daisys!  


Well I went to the surgeon last night. After waiting an hour and a half with a 20 point drop in my IQ from the people sitting next to me I ended up getting a fill. According to my chart there I have only lost 2lbs sine April. At home I have lost a little more but not much overall. We talked and he said that a little fill might be good. So I got 0.5cc put in. I did notice a little bit of a difference at dinner but not much. I made my tacos. Just ground turkey, black beans, tomatoes, onions and red pepper with a packet of taco seasoning (no shell). I put a little fat free sour cream on it. Yummy! I kinda stole the idea from Leslie and I'm glad because its awesome! So anywhoooo we will see where this new fill takes me and go from there. I have a follow up on Sep. 1. He said if I feel I need it to come in before that. Based off what I got though and how I feel today I might just get another small fill. 
Also while I was there I met a bandster who has had her band for 3 yrs and has lost 200lbs!! She was a wealth of knowledge! We exchanged phone numbers and I told her about my blog. Maybe some day soon she will join us in blog land.
After my appointment I went to the gym with the hubby! I like going with him because I seem to push myself just a little bit harder. I have been averaging about 800 cals burned on the treadmill (according to the treadmill). 3 days a week I add into that the trainer appt. and then hubby and I have started playing racquetball. I suck but it's quite the workout if you get into it.
I saw that I totally missed out on a questionnaire yesterday, so I might just steal it and do it today :) If I have time.
I also am going to attempt to try Beth Ann's no weighing for the month of August and see what happens. I am with her on the weighing myself to to much. I am also going to try and hit 22 days of working out in August as well. This will put me at 5 days a week working out. Wish me luck!
You all are wonderful! I love the feedback I get from you. It just makes my day :) I wish I could give every one of you a giant bear hug!

01 August 2011

Drinking Is Painful

Ladies and gentle I would like to introduce you to the lush of Illinois....Me.

I don't think I am ever drinking again! Saturday night we went out to a pool hall and had a little to much fun. Besides eating 2 baskets of fry and about half of the country fried steak meal (to include half of the steak itself, 2 eggs, some hash brown, and about half a biscuit with gravy) from IHOP, I had so much alcohol I could probably not eat for a week and be fine. OMG! I usually don't get hangovers but I kinda did on Sunday. After not going to bed until 3am I woke up at about 7 am still drunk and with a headache. I promptly took 800mg of Motrin and went back to sleep. I didn't get back out of bed until 2pm. I surprisingly didn't feel to bad at that point.
To top all of this Aunt Flow came to town making it a great Sunday. So the scale this morning was not happy and I don't think my surgeon this afternoon will be happy either.
Today I am drinking a ton of water and healthy food along with swearing off drinking for a very very very long time. Well at least until my cruise in November :) Surprisingly we did manage to be productive and cleaned the garage out so we can park both the cars in there now.

As for the surgeon I see him today after work. I am going to ask for a .2cc fill. I think I am almost at my sweet spot but not quite. My husband doesn't think I should be getting a fill because he sees me get stuck allot more then in the past. Maybe I'm pushing, i don't know, but I am not feeling satisfied as much as I was before. Even though I have stuckish episodes. As example: I get hungry only an hour and a half after I eat lunch at work. That's even with no liquids for an hour afterwards. What do you guys think? More stuck, less fulfilled? is it possible?

I bought a dress that sits above my knees!! It's very cute and I think I'm going to buy more!

quick NSV I walked all over chicago this weekend with the hubs and a friend of ours and was able to keep up! I didn't tire out and I had a good time! Although I was dripping with sweat. Literally dripping! It was so hot out!