19 October 2010

Waiting Again

So I did everything my insurance wanted and now just waiting to be officially approved. I should here something in about 2weeks. Fingers crossed!

08 October 2010

All Is Well In the Lap Band World

Last night I had my follow up appointment with my surgeon and now I wait for a phone call. I have been "approved" for the surgery by the surgeon's office now I just have to wait for my insurance company to catch up. As soon as that happens I will get a phone call to set up a date for the surgery. I am in the home stretch and getting ready to ran over home plate. I will check in again soon to let you know when I get that phone call :D happy weekend!

06 October 2010

Still Waiting :-/

So I am still waiting for a surgery date, but its my own fault. I was all ready to go to my appointment last Thursday, I went home to let the dog out and got distracted. A five minute distraction turned into an hour and a half one and my alarm for my appointment went off 20mins after my appointment time. Big time fail! I rescheduled for tomorrow and I'm hoping for the best. I have 3 alarms set in my phone to remind me 50, 30 and 20mins before my appointment that I can't forget it. Thing have been going well for me. I still have this scary attachment to food that I am working on figuring out, but I have realized that I need reign in back into place. My weight has always been at the forefront of my life and I'm not going to let it be in charge anymore! I will get this surgery and I will recover and start working out again. I have a personal trainer set up for after I am all healed and I will look fantastic. I will not fail this time because I want this! (I might never do this), but I want to be able to put on a pair of sneakers and go for a run with my husband. I want to walk into any store and be able to pick out clothes and I want to live so long that when I have kids they will be begging me to die off already! I love life and I want to be able to live it to it's fullest! I promised my husband that before we leave Illinois we will make a visit to Ceder Point, Ohio and go on the tallest roller coaster in the country and I plan on doing just that! I know over the last month I have gain 8lbs because of this food thing, but its done and over with I have only a few weeks before my surgery and I can't wait to begin the next chapter in my life. I will succeed and I want to share this confidence with everyone I meet. Till next time smile, hum your favorite song and enjoy the sunshine even if its cold! Life is a gift and we all need to treat it that way!