30 July 2010

Not So Work Out

So my hour and a half of running around the house sweating and red face cleaning the house I calculated out the calories that it burned and it came out to be 686 calories! So ladies why not clean the house burn those calories!

Body Aches

My body hurts, not my whole body my butt and my thighs. I'm not really sure why though. Maybe it has to do with my two day after work out theory. Do you want to here it? Of course you do. Well my theory goes as this...you hurt a little the day after you work out but you still don't work out again in two days your muscles will hurt even worse. I am at that stage right now. I know I am really out of shape when a simple hour long walk can do me in two days later and give me that sore feeling like I just worked out on the elliptical for forty minutes when I was thin like five years ago. :( So when my kitchen is clean I love to cook and experiment with new recipes but unfortunately I never know how many calories any of them are and it frustrates me. especially now when I'm counting every calorie that goes into my mouth! So I was browsing this wonderful world wide web and found this awesome website and thought I would share it with you my very first follower!!! Yay and welcome to this crazy world of me! This site lets you enter in the recipe and approximately how many serving you can get out of it and then it calculates how many calories per serving it is. I LOVE IT!!! It's fabulous!

29 July 2010

People Around Me

So many people around me are experiencing monumental changes in there lives right now. Two couples that my husband and I know just got engaged, one couple is getting a divorce, another is a couple of weeks of from having a second child and yet another is in the process of trying to have there first! I think we are the only ones that we know that are truly "standing still". I have no issues with it but it's just a word-wind of activity and I think because we have been married for five years everyone else just expects us to get in on the action. "When are you guys going to have a baby?" We will have a baby when we are good and ready! Why does every think it is there right to ask our business. If I want you to know I will tell you. There is allot more to having a baby then just waking up one morning and saying hey we're married lets pop one out. If that was the case I think I would have two or three by now. Plus with myself being in the 44% for body fat it's not really healthy to be pregnant right now. Once I get my Lap Band and get this weight off. Then my husband and myself will probbally talk about it. I know i would love to be a mother but why be irresponsible and put an innocent child and myself at risk for no reason.

28 July 2010

Lap Band Appointment

Next Monday afternoon I have my first Lap Band appointment. I went through this process before about a year and a half before but was to nervous and didn't have the full support of my husband behind me to go into a procedure like this. So now we are going for round two. The process goes like this: A physical exam, psychological exam and 6 months of doctor monitored weight loss. After all that I go in for surgery and hopefully lose a ton of weight! This time I have the support of my husband and different outlook on the surgery. Wish me luck!!!

27 July 2010

My Prayer For The Daily Struggle

I love food. I mean come on that's why I got to this point in the first place. This weight didn't get here by me starving myself. Pudding, pizza, mashed potatoes and ice cream. That stuff is so amazing! Even better my favorite sandwich in the whole world is an everything bagel with chive cream cheese, add Cheddar cheese and turkey on it and yummy!!! Can you say fatty with a capitol F. I need to put an end to my love affair with food! but god it's so hard to break up with the better half of it. I mean when the respectable half is full of lettuce and broccoli. I am down on my knees... please give me the strength to choose carrots over chips, the courage to munch celery over chocolate and good sense to know when to it's time to drink diet instead of fully loaded. Amen.

26 July 2010

My Tools

So I'm trying to lose weight, but you ask "what are you doing to help yourself?" First thing I am using is my IPod. I have an app called Lose It. It helps me track my calories and write down my food the lazy way. It calculates it all out for me and that will help me from being to lazy to do it all my self. I have an elliptical in my house that I'm going to sweat my butt of on as much as possible along with a husband to kick my butt into gear. Then I have this site to keep me on track. On top of all of that I am going to talk to my doctor about being approved for a Lap Band. Before you go well that's cheating know that I have never had great success on my own. In order to get a Lab Band put in place you do have to go through a physical and psychological exam along with 6 months of doctor monitored weight loss. So getting to the point of having a Lap Band is a long process in itself. So this blog will also follow the steps to get to the surgery and beyond.

Today's a Great Day for Change!

Today is my first workday after The Biggest Loser auditions this past weekend. My husband and myself sat outside in the pouring rain for four hours huddled under umbrellas swapping out sitting in a camping chair. He was such a trooper for going with me because he wasn't even aloud to be in the building when the line finally started moving. So anyway the auditions are over and no call back was gotten but I'm making a video and submitting that but I'm not holding my hopes to high. That is what brings my here! Even if i don't make it on the show I can still be a Biggest Loser! I will just do it my own way and get to that goal of being healthy and skinny. I have a loving husband who is planning on helping me the whole way and an elliptical sitting in my spare bedroom just begging to be used! So stay tuned and see what happens. I will try to post every other day and I will weight in every Monday. So keep an eye on that tracker at the top of the page! Here We GO!!!