16 April 2011


wow i cant believe its been so long since I have posted anything. School and work and a new found social life with the hubs is keeping me super busy. Everything is going good though.
I got an 89 on that math exam I told you about forever ago. I also have not heard anything more from the job search. We have a new person in charge at work now though so things are starting to look better. 
I weighed in at 290.5 this morning. So only 1/2 a lb from 60lbs lost! awesome right! I also this week firmly put my butt into a size 20 jean. I am down 4 sizes from when In started losing weight. I am now in a size 14/16 top down from a 20/22. Things are going good in the weight loss department. I have decided that food is good and I not strictly eating 1200 cals a day anymore and just enjoying life for the most part. Within foodie reason. 

So happy Saturday I hope everyone isn't getting rained out today :)

Now off to the hair appt I missed last weekend

11 April 2011

I'm Not Fat, I'm Vertically Challenged

I decided to women up today and step on the scale at work. I hate that scale by the way. First of all I'm not in the buff and I have already had a ton of water drink, lastly I am not about to take my shoes off to stand on that thing. So I was pleasantly surprised when this morning on the scale it only put me a pound higher. I calculate that out to be about a pound less then the last time I weighed myself at home. I will not commit to it until I can see it in the buff!

Until next time :)

YaY It's Monday Again

Good morning blogger. It's Monday again. The worst day of the week to wake up early :(

You all know about my interview on Friday...I think it went very well! I will know more today. So finger crossed. Right now I get up at 0500 every morning for work and I am working by 0615. This job I wouldn't even have to wake up till 7!!! can you believe that! I will have to push some other stuff around if I get this job, but who cares it can be done. I would be able to get up at 0600 to work out.  and not have to leave for work until 0815! How awesome is that! I wouldn't have to take much of a pay cut. Also where I work now I probably put in a good 3 hrs extra a week and don't get paid because its not allotted. I know that doesn't seem like much but that's around $50 I'm losing a week in my time. It would fantastic to get this job. I actually scheduled an appointment for 0700 for myself later in the month knowing that it might not interfere with work. Brilliant! And if I'm still here and it does then who cars. I can't stand this place.

It  was warm this weekend finally! I took the dog for a walk and the poor guy didn't make it very far. I had to pick him up for a little ways. I know he is pathetic. We had some friends over for a barbeque last night. We made fuit salad, regular salad, corn on the cob(grilled), burgers, hot dogs and the hubby had chicken. I have finally conseded to the fact that I can't eat burgers anymore. They just don't like to go through the nice way. I took 2 bites last night and had to give the rest to the hubby. He was happy about it though. I ate a hotdog with some corn and fruit instead. It's sad because he make the best burgers too.

I still do not have a working scale. The one we have you have to do this little trick to get it to work right and at 5 am I am not in the mood to mess with it. If I can't step on it and it works then its not worth my time when I can barely finction that early. I think the hubs is going to order this fancy scale that records BMI too with our rewards points. So morale of the story I don't have a weight up date yet.

Well anyway have a great Monday everyone.

08 April 2011

Job Stuff

So do you all remember at the beginning of the week I told you I was applying for some jobs? Well  I didn't expect a response from anyone I was just kinda throwing my feelers out there to see what happened. I got a call yesterday afternoon from a potential employer. I have an interview in about 2 hours. So last night I had to go clothes shopping because all the clothes I have are to big or just not appropriate for an interview. I ended up getting a black suit with a blue embellished top.

So I have to go get ready now. Wish me luck!

07 April 2011

Short and Sweet

If you are follwoing me and I am not following you leave your blog address in a comment for me to follow.

My husband told me I was beuatiful last night and almost made me cry in the process. Love him!

Yesterday I ate homade veggie lasagna, a whole personal size bag of rye chips, 9 cookies, and a strawberry smothie. I feel like crap this morning. Lots of bloating from the salt.

The scale at home is broken. I think its for the best today. Lots of water consumption will be done to fix issues.

I have confessed, so that is all.


06 April 2011

My Life in Bullets

I have been absent because there is nothing going on. So lets bullet this post :)
  • My life is good and boring, yet its so busy. Crazy right?
  • The scale is staying the same. A favorite shirt fits around my hips a little lose. I had stopped wearing it because it didn't fit at all.
  • The weather is starting to get nicer. It was in the high 50's yesterday. Hoping its nice again today, class got canceled so I want to go walking with the dog.
  • I missed my hair appointment on Saturday because I forgot to transfer my appointments to my new phone. I look shaggy.
  • We were planning a vacation to the Virgin Islands but because of money (gas prices inflating everything!) we are looking somewhere closer. Any suggestions?
  • BOOBs, BOOBs, BOOBs!
  • Work sucks, I applied for a government position. I know the shut down is making things scary but I would be almost unfirable unless I really f'd up. Plus I would be a mile closer to home :) Fingers crossed for me. Plus a ton of other benefits!
  • I am thinking of changing my degree path from nursing to teaching for the fact that I don't know if I will ever be able to not work so I can go to nursing school. I really don't know yet, I am still growing up so I have time to decide.
  • I have my first math exam thursday. Wish me luck!
So thats about it. I have other issues to go over but they are way to deep for today. Unitl next time my dears.

04 April 2011

Coasters, Cookies, and Pounds

About four months ago when I got my band I don't think I would have believed you if you told me I would be down 56.8lbs by the beginning on April. I would have been ok, that's a perfect world. But here I am! I am 2.8lbs away from my May 7th 60lb goal. I am so happy I made the choice to get my band. I am so happy I am changing my life! 

I made almond cinnamon sugar cookies this weekend and cinnamon apple crumble bread as well. I am sending half of the products to work with the hubs and I am taking half to my work. Over the weekend I had about four cookies, but I worked it into the days. I had nothing but a taste of the bread to make sure it came out ok. Very yummy by the way! I love to bake and cook and knowing that I have a new view of food and the world around me I can know I will be fine.

I will admit that I have not worked out in 2 weeks. Its hard to wrap my head around starting to work out again until I am down a couple more pounds. I also feel great about working out but horrible about the numbers going up on the scale. I know I know it will go down after the first week. I think I am so scarred to see that number go up that I am going to just fast walk around our neighborhood. That is about 2 miles. It will be good for the dog too. I'm justifying this all in my head so I know what your all thinking. Feel free to share your opinion.

This is going to be a the first of a few excited ramblings on six flags. We are buying season passes this year because I will finally be able to fit into the coasters again!! I am so freaking excited about that! Roller coasters have always been so fun for me! Then I couldn't fit into them for a couple years, it was embarrassing and demoralizing. I had lost about 40lbs at one part and almost fit but not quite. Now I know I will fit!!! So OMG I am thrilled for six flags this year!!!

Also I had a nice little NSV on Wednesday last week that I didn't share with you and Ronnie pointed that out. I was in my psychology class looking around and realized I was not the biggest person in there! I know that's kinda shallow to think but that realization felt awesome! I wish I could share my success with the people in my class that are heavy. I know I have a long way to go but I am starting to feel smaller.
Happy Monday everyone!