26 June 2013

Time flys when your busy!

So my lovely followers and friends who are still hanging with me...my baby girl is now 15 weeks old!!! can you believe it?! Here is a little cuteness to brighten up your day...

She is great and wonderfully chunky and happy as can be!!

So let me fill you in on how myself and Phylis (lap band) have been. My end of pregnancy weight was 293lbs...YIKES!! Well I am now at 271lbs So far 22lbs lost post par tum and a total of 80lbs lost from my highest weight of 350. I work out 6 days a week for at least a half hour and I am counting calories again.
Yesterday I had my first official band appt since April 2012. I had seen the band doctor here during my pregnancy after the move but they would only do an unfil until they could get in there and take a look at her after I had my baby.
Let me introduce you all to Phylis:

Phylis might look like she is being a good girl...but she is not. I had my first look at her in 2 1/2years. Before and during the beginning of my pregnancy she was working great and I hit my 100lb mark and life was great. Yesterday I found out that due to the fact that everything compressed during the pregnancy she has slipped her mark. So now I am playing a waiting game. I am waiting for more in depth records from my old surgeon to make it to my new surgeon so we can discuss the next step. Right now he left what fluid I have in my band where it is and I am just crossing my fingers that the further out from my pregnancy I get the more things will shift back into place on there own and I wont have to go through surgery of any kind. If I do have to go under the knife Phylis will be removed and repair of any possible holes from placement fixed and I will be given an option to pursue a different type of bariatric surgery if desired. That's all I have for now.

I have been reading up on people here and there but have not left comments due to not having the time. I love reading all the support that goes around out there! keep it up my lovelies!