28 February 2011

Blah Morning

I am sick. Sore throat and body aches. I have to wait till about 0830 to call and get an appointment to be seen. The advice line nurse that I talked to this morning said she would put in the computer that I needed to be seen today, My throat has been bothering me since Friday and I had just put it off till today. I have a hunch that it is just post nasal drip, but nothing I have been taking is doing much about it. I woke up a couple of times last night from the pain. It is starting to affect my band. This morning I figured I would try to get some left over pasta in so I wouldn't be hungry for a while. I took one bite and almost BP'd instantly. I was in the kitchen sliming into the sink for about 5mins. Not good. I made myself a quick protein shake and went about my business. It has yet to be consumed because the sliming and almost PBing didn't do my throat any favors.
Any who I am still working today so I will be traveling around blog land when I get a chance.  
The scale was not kind to me this morning. It had a 2lb gain. It makes seance though since I have been working out so much especially this weekend. Probably by the end of the week I will start seeing some more loss. I hope everyone had a great weekend

26 February 2011

Simple Saturday

I really don't know what to post today, so here are some random thoughts.

I love working out now. My normal Saturday before consisted of sleeping and laying about the house watching TV all day. I worked out this morning though and I feel fabulous! All the stuff they say about more energy, sleeping better and feeling better over all is true. I thought that working out would make it the opposite but nope, it's true! I did 30mins on the treadmill, 1500 meters on the row machine, 50 squat lifts with a 20lb barbell and 50 crunches. The last things were from my trainer. He likes to kick my behind quite a bit.

The cupcakes I made for the candle party today were great, Everyone loved them. I had part of one when they came out of the oven last night just to make sure they were cooked right. A hazelnut coffee cake with nutella for frosting. yummy!

We went and saw The Eagle with Channing Tatum. It was better then I thought it would be. I snuck in a turkey wrap to eat. I didn't have dinner since I was at the candle party so long today. I only had a bit because the wrapping was so loud in the theater that I just stop trying to eat it. More for later though :)

Last thought for the day...I love my husband. He is such a great man. He has been really helping me out with my workouts and being really supportive lately. Maybe I am just in a better mood from working out but life is really good right now in the Fat Wife household.

Hope you all have a great Sunday.


25 February 2011

My Love For C3

My eye's have opened and shockingly I am standing in front of the vending machine at work. I figure well if I'm here I guess I will get something. I stare at the contents for a while and have the internal fight of do you need this? My stomach saying get the Reese's pieces, your running today they cancel each other out. My mind says you better not if you are going out for dinner tonight. So they compromise and my eyes find the lifesavers. I put the dollar in the machine and push H1...nothing happens, I push it again...nothing happens. My sorrow! The H button is broken. The internal battle begins again this time, well you have to get Reese's pieces now you will never get your dollar back. Then out of the corner of my eye what do I see...my saving grace! C3 you are perfect! 70cals and 12g of protein! Oh C3 where have you been all my life? Hiding between the Ho Ho's and the Pop tarts? I got your number now C3, I will be back for you again. I reach down, through the door..."Hello beef jerky!"

Oh Puff n' Stuff...BYOC

I want to thank everyone who commented on my post from yesterday. It was quite the interesting day. I ended the day with chili and cupcakes. The chili is a Biggest Loser recipe I found a while ago that my husband and I just love! Very filling and only about 160cals per serving. I add a scoop of unflavored protein powder to it just to kick it up a bit, even though it already has a ton of protein in it anyway. I made the cupcakes for a friend. She is having a candle party on Saturday so I am bringing them to that. I know she will love them. (side note: She and her hubby just found out they were preggo after trying for just over a year. So excited for them)

Overall not to much going on this morning. Another busy day at work, with me stealing a few minutes to post and eat some oatmeal. My restriction is doing great! I still get hungry before I should sometimes but really only when I start drinking water to soon after I eat. I don't know how some people with good restriction can drink with there meals. I physically can't or I will get stuck. It feels like everything trys to get forced down through the opening and it hurts allot. I sit there and I slime and spit allot and be very ladylike in the process. Such a wonderful part of having the band.
I am very sore today. I am going to take it easy this afternoon for my workout. Only a little running. I was thinking to myself just how much of a difference losing 45lbs makes! It's freaking crazy! I know for a fact that I would never be able to do the stuff that I can do now if that weight was still on me. I am so thankful for my band. I love it! I am in love with it...we are getting married! Just don't tell my hubby :)
I really started noticing a difference last week while taking my Vitamin D. I wasnt as tired all the time and I actually was more productive at work. I have been so tired the last couple of days and I know it was because I stopped taking it this week. The last couple of days I have started to feel really sluggish and today very tired. So I will have to start taking it again. It really helps.

1.Are you a heavy or light sleeper?

I used to be a heavy sleeper but going through boot camp trashed that idea. I hate being a light sleeper it sucks!

2. If you were made into a professor for a day, what topic would you lecture on?
I'm not sure. I think I would focus somewhere in the military realm and help out all the new military wives. Teach them how to act as a wife and just the basics in making your way around base and the terminology. Just because it is such a different life.

3. What’s a skill you’ve always wanted that you don’t currently have?
I wish I could run forever! I wish I could be a in a marathon and win. I could probably some day get to the point to maybe do one but winning is a different story.

4. Have you ever been in a real cat fight?
Once in high school. A chick insulted my family and I was in a bad mood so I slammed her head into the window on the school bus. Never got in trouble for it. I don't know if you consider that a cat fight or not though.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.
In blog land everyone seems to be getting back on track with diet and excersize and shedding the weight. BOOBs is a huge topic still and people are starting to find room mates for the event. So looking forward to it!
In real life things are busy with work, working out and getting ready for classes to start next month. I have the candle party this weekend and a trainers appt. Hubby is doing great too he lost 2lbs this week! So excited for him! He is also starting his first semester at the same college I will be attending. Lots of stuff going on.

That's all for now my wonderful followers! I hope you all have a great weekend! I will hopefully be on tomorrow if I get a chance. Between the trainer at 1200 and a candle party at 1. I will do my best.

24 February 2011

One Of Those Days

Today is just one of those morning were getting out of bed was a bad idea...
Every morning I have a routine. Flat iron..on. Toilet, scale (i know, bad), wash up, get dressed, do hair, do makeup, scent, teeth and take vitamins. Then I go downstairs and let the dog out then get my lunch and breakfast and snacks ready for the day. Most of the time my gym bag is ready the night before and have it sitting at the end of the bed.
This morning I get up and I am super sore from my workout yesterday of stair stepper and circuit training. I'm sure I looked like a little old lady trying to hobble to the bathroom. So not in a bad mood, just tired and normal morning bitchiness.
During my bathroom routine our kitten likes to lay in one of the sinks or on the drawer unit that stops at about boob height and chill with his mama in the morning. This morning he laid in my sink for all of a minute then started to try and dig in the sink. Cute...until he peed in my sink!!!! Seriously!? In my sink!? This set my routine off. My cat wanted the litter changed and apparently he was not taught subtlety by our older cat. I cleaned the sink. Yelled at my husband, who doesn't normally get out of bed till an hour after me, that the cat peed in the sink. Being the wonderful husband he is, he gets up and changes the cats litter for me. I think he didn't say a word to me because, well he knows morning me very well.
But really, in the freaking sink!?!
I don't get up in a decent amount of time that if something goes different I wont be late for work. I am a horrible morning person. So I ran down stairs forgetting my socks and had to go back upstairs. Let the dog out, forgot the dog outside until I noticed he wasn't trying to trip me on the way out the door. Then I forgot my gym bag. At least I remembered my food for the day.
Then on the way to work I got cut off twice in less then 5 minutes of driving! Once I get to work I get the spot I am trying to park in stolen by one of the cars who cut me off on the way to work!! At this point I am ready to just throw in the towel and say screw this I'm not working today. Of course I just walk into work anyway. At 0615 I get into work and there are already 3 people waiting to get seen by our Doc and we have a full schedule. Just what I need to make my day. I am still feeling the effects from our families dog having to be put down yesterday too.
This day so far has not been very nice to me. I know its not a horrible day in the scheme of things, but I wish it would be better.

I am going running again tonight and am looking so forward to that. It is truly the one time of the day when I can just focus on me and making myself better. Just me and my sneakers. I guess the hubby will be there too.
I hope you all are having a better day then me today.

*Big hugs and lots of love*

For all of you who are going to the BOOBs event I am thinking about making glass tile necklaces with the logo in them to sell as a neat way to raise money to go. If any of you would be interested in the idea let me know. here is the idea of what they would be, just picture the BOOBs logo. Pass this on so I can get a good amount of input. Thanks :)

23 February 2011

Weight Loss Challenge

YaY for challenges! Take a look!
Off to the gym now ladies and gents. Love ya!

22 February 2011

Chase That Twinkie!!

Today I tried my hand at running. I was pleasantly surprised how well I did. I say I ran about .7 of a mile and walked the rest of about a mile and a half. Also did a good bit of lunges and squats. I have no idea how many calories I burned but it felt good! I just want to run more and more until I can just go as long as I want to mentally and not have to stop physically. When I was at this weight before I wanted nothing to do with working out. Now I am learning to love it. I ran with my hubby today and it was nice. He was very encouraging, except of his training opinions of me. I mentioned I was training for the Warrior Dash in September. He doesn't think I can do it. I am trying to prove him wrong with all my might. I tried telling him that I don't care about winning, just finishing. I don't think he really understands were I am coming from. I just want to do this because I never could before. I want to push myself because to me it symbolises a new life for me. A chance to show myself that this is who I really am becoming.
I am also trying to get my hubby to do the Great Urban Race with me in July. It looks like a lot of fun and a great challenge. I am trying to find more stuff for trying to get us out of the house active over the summer. Plus it gets us trying new stuff. I am really going to have to do convincing to get him to that one I think since it's more of a scavenger hunt then a race. I can't wait :D
Until tomorrow my friends!
I just talked to my dad and was given some bad news. Our dog is being put down tomorrow. He is in bad shape. He has a tumor, has no bladder control and there is blood in his urine. He is 13yo so he has had a long life and a spoiled one. Not looking forward to tomorrow :(

17 February 2011

Fill Warrior

Well I didn't get all the fill I wanted but I got most of it. I asked for a full cc but my surgeon didn't feel comfortable being out of town for the weekend. So I said lets compromise and do 0.7cc fill. He agreed so I am at 5.2cc in my 10cc band. I could defiantly feel the difference. For dinner I made mini ground turkey covered mushrooms and a bow tie pasta. I had to chew so much my jaw felt like it was going to fall off. When I went to bed at 10:00pm I still felt satisfied though. Then this morning I got full off of 18oz of water. Fingers crossed that this does the job!! A little weirdness...before I ate when I was making dinner I did feel a tad bit nauseous. It went away pretty quickly though. I know allot of people aren't as comfortable as I am being so aggressive with the fills but I only have insurance approval though July to get them done. I know I will have to go back eventually in the future to get adjusted, but hey dive in head first right? :D So for the last couple weeks you have had to hear me bitch and complain about the scale not moving and how I am not losing any weight. How I struggled for that 1.6lb loss this week. Apparently from the 19th of January until today I have lost 12lbs! It was a huge surprise because I thought I hadn't been losing very well. My surgeon was more than pleased with my progress and said I was actually losing faster then he aimed for. I will shut my trap and take the 12lbs with dignity and stop saying "well I could be doing better". Hell I don't even remember the last time I lost 12lbs in 4 weeks, let alone felt bad about not losing more. I have my 2nd personal trainer appointment today and I am so excited to tell her about my 1.6lb lost. I am so thrilled to tell her all about the hard work I have been putting in and get her ideas on how to tweak it a bit. I am also going to see if she can incorporate into the workout training for the Warrior Dash. That is a 5K run/obstacle course that my husband and I are going to do in September. So excited! It would be great to get her input on how to train better for it. Stay tuned for more....

Speechless :(

I just found this picture on my hubby's facebook page. I can't believe I ever let myself get to this point. It's so sad. I actually thought I looked cute in that shirt too. Not so much I guess.
I will be posting comparison shots here soon, more for myself than anything else. Just to see how much a difference 40lbs makes. I will also post measurements as well.

Gurgle Gurgle

Life had me stressing yesterday, the stress led to a candy bar, which led to guilt which led to all the other little things that add up to being way over my calorie limit. I really have to deal with the guilt and not let it get to me. Thankfully this morning I was not up on the scale. It seems that ever since my body has gotten used to the lower calorie intake even if I only eat 150cals over my limit I will gain like no tomorrow. I am still in bandster hell...and I don't like it. I feel like I am on a diet and its getting really hard at this point. I ordered myself some more Unjury protein powder. I find that out of the ones I have tried I can tolerate there protein the most. So I am going to try doing the same thing I did pre-op. 1000cal liquid protein diet. Just to try and get me back on the right track. I want to cleanse my body again and start over. Here is the plan: 3 protein shakes a day 60-80g a day chicken broth sugar free jello sugar free pudding NO MORE THEN 1000CALS A DAY Take in about a gallon of water a day (4 liters) I will go at that for 2 weeks and see were it puts me. It will be a few days till I start just because I have to wait for my protein to get to me and I only ordered it last night. I have my 3rd fill tonight!! I am going to ask for a good amount. I hope I get another 1.2cc. Right now I have 4.5 in my 10cc band. I really hope I start feeling that restriction soon! I will know better tomorrow morning I guess. Last night I was watching TV with my husband and he had is head on my stomach. all of a sudden he says "wow your stomach is loud". We had just finished eating dinner about 10mins before. I explained to him that my stomach is more noisy now with the band. He continued to argue with my stomach because he couldn't here the movie. He is so funny sometimes.

16 February 2011

No Idea What To Name This Post :D

First things first, I want to say welcome to all my new followers!! I see my numbers have taken a little jump in the last day. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you :D Also I am only waiting for 1 more person to follow my blog and I will set up my giveaway! Holy cannoli batman, I am sore today! I did 45min fast paced walk on the treadmill last night at a 10 incline. Parts of my body hurt that I didn't know were even being used! My arms for one are killing me, and my abs! I can understand my arms because towards the end I will admit to hanging on for dear life so I could finish but my abs astound me. They hurt more then when I use the ab machine during circuit training. I love this overall body ache though. Such a good feeling to know that you are doing right by your body instead of trashing it all to hell. To be honest my body even feels smaller, I'm sure that's all in my head though :) It's nice today that we are busy at work too. If it was a slow day I would just be sitting in the chair getting all stiff from my sore muscles. Since I am running all over the building and up and down the halls dealing with patients I am all limber. Such a funny word....Limber :P I wanted to share with you a blog that I love, he makes me laugh on a regular basis. Jack Sh*t Getting Fit. His post today was awesome and I am putting it up in my kitchen so I have it to read whenever I get head hunger. I have my 3rd fill tomorrow. I am glad I had this long gap between my fills this time. It let me gage more of were I was with my band. I have to say that after eating a HUGE soft taco last night I defiantly need a good sized fill. I am looking forward to it. Weird right? How many people look forward to getting a huge needle in there abdomen. Also I started taking my iron again. It's been about a week and I am most certain that was the reason I was tired all the time. At least a combo of that my vitamin D and my multivitamin. I have been awesome in the mornings now. A little sleepy but no where near taking all my effort to just stay awake. I think the uping my work outs has helped too. I am so glad that has been solved. I hope you all have a wonderful day! update: wow in the time it took me to post this I hit 50 followers. I guess we will have a givaway on Friday!!! YAY!!!

15 February 2011

It's About Damn Time!!

The scale is back on the move with a loss of 1 full pound!!!!! bring my total to 41.6lbs lost! It's about time it started moving again. It's nice to know that all the hard work I have been putting into it is finally going to start paying off. I am less then 9lbs to be back into the 200's. Since I am so tall I think of the 200's as my onederland. Yes I would love to weight 180lbs and I see people all the time who are the same height as me who even weight less then that but at 6'2" I would be damn happy to reach 200 even. Right now that is my goal. Short term I can't wait to see my "onederland" It's been 5yrs since I was there and I can't wait to know what it feels like again. I have noticed throughout blog land that allot of you are struggling right now. I just want to tell you all to hang in there. We are all inspiration to each other as we share our ups and our downs. We celebrate together and we mourn together. We are stronger together then apart. You can lean on each other and ask for help when you need it. So stay in the game lady's and gentlemen your struggles are only temporary. At the chance of being horribly cheesy, you can lean on me :) I have a ton of respect and love for all of you!

14 February 2011

Weekend Fun and Faux Reese's Cup

My early valentines surprise was a success. I took hubby to Medieval Times. It was so much fun. The tickets we had bought got oversold so we were upgraded to the front row and given free drinks, program, team banner and DVD. The staff was awesome! Needless to say we got a little snockered. I stepped on the scale this morning and it read 310.4. I know this is from being bloated and starting my weight training hard core this last week. Right now I am focusing on how my pants fit when I take them out of the dryer and put them on. I had the best moment this weekend too. My husband gave me a hug and said "I can reach farther around you" and hugged me harder. I asked him to show me about much bigger I was before and it was quite the loose grip. So I asked him to hug me again, it was a great moment :) Last week the hubby had snuck into the house a tub of cookie dough. He had hide it from me until this weekend. DH has been trying to loose a few pounds along with me. When I found that tub I threw it in the trash. He wasn't to happy about but I made him a snack to compensate. Faux Peanut Butter Cups!! I will give you all the recipe. 1 cup cool whip free 4tbsp PB2 salt to taste 2 packets truvia Low fat or fat free chocolate syrup Cupcake pan foil cupcake liners reconstitute 2tbsp of the PB2 according to package directions. Mix reconstituted PB2 and cool whip together. Add the rest of your PB2 (do not reconstitute before adding), salt and truvia. Combine until mix is smooth. Put your liners into the cupcake pan and distribute PB2 and cool whip mix into 6 cups. After you put your filling into your cups just bang your cupcake pan on the counter a couple of times to make sure the mix is level. Take your chocolate syrup and pour into each liner just enough to cover the top of your mix completely. Put these into the freezer for a couple of hours then enjoy! These things are so yummy! They are only 50-60 calories each depending on how much chocolate syrup you use. Compared to the real thing which is 210 calories a serving. These melt relatively fast so if your going to take them out of the freezer your going to want to eat them right away. Also if you want them sweeter a good substitute for whip cream is marshmallow fluff. a little higher in sugar content but no calories. I hope you enjoy these as much as we do :)

12 February 2011


Hiding and sneaking food harms no one but yourself :/

11 February 2011

BYOC, Amazing Title Here!

I stepped on the scale every day this week! I did exactly what I didn't want to do. I am a scale whore :) Yesterday when I thought I would start seeing some improvement, i didn't. I am blaming that on 2 things. 1. I started weight training this week. Also I have been eating oatmeal with 1 scoop of protein for breakfast instead of drinking my double protein shakes. I planned on putting the rest back in somewhere but haven't quite got there yet. So 2. my lack of protein intake. My water intake has been great almost 100oz a day. I think the increased work outs has allot to do with it. I will admit that my eating hasn't been 100% on point, but I have stuck to most of my rules. I have tracked my eating all week. I had soda last night because we went to Buffalo Wild Wings. That was a fail. The hubs drank most of it, and I love the taste of diet coke. Hubs ordered fried mushrooms and I had 4 of them, I also had the 8 piece boneless wings. I ate them slow and chewed with all my might so they wouldn't get stuck. I have stuck to my SipNGulp challenge and then some. I have had more than 1200cals a day though. around 1500 to 1800. I haven't been as hungry but the scale isn't moving either.
I have my next appointment on the 17th and again I am going to ask for another 1cc instead of half. I can eat entirely to much and if I eat the amount of calories that I am aiming for I am hungry allot. I know it can take up to or more then 6 months to hit your sweet spot. I don't want to be part of the 300 club anymore though. I am so close I can taste it! I also want to be another pants size down. It felt so great to be able to wear a smaller size.
That brings me to another topic. I don't know if I would call it an NSV because it has to do with my smaller pant size already. I went looking for a pair of workout pants and If I had been my old size I would have walked out of the store empty handed. I got a pair of pretty blue work out pants :) This is a picture from the store website of the pair that I got. I think they are very cute.

1. What day of the week do you love and what day of the week do you hate? I love Friday nights. We always do something on Friday nights and it makes the weekend feel longer I hate Wednesdays because the work seems to go downhill from there.

2. What is your middle name and is there a meaning behind it? My middle name is Nicole. My dad's side of the family your middle name is either Nicole or Nicholas. :)

3. Do you have any tattoos? How many? If you don’t have one – what would you get if you did have one? I have 3 tattoo. One on my wrist that is from an artist i love. I have one on my left boob over my heart area of my religious emblem and one on my back with tribal and a fairy and a frog for a friend that passed away a couple of years ago.

4. On that same theme of dirty little secrets…how many piercings do you have? Any you wish you had? I have 3 wholes in each ear and a tongue ring. I had at one point an eyebrow ring and my ta tas done but they are both out now :) Much to the relief of my hubby.

5. Repeat question: Summarize your life in blog land and in real life.

blog land is crazy with excitement for the upcoming BOOBS trip this year. Also I have a few new followers that I want to welcome. I am so happy that I have the chance to share my story with you and I hope that I help you as much as my elder bandsters have helped me!

In real life things are going great! My workouts are kicking my ass! I love my new trainer. Work is well work, not much to say there. Also The hubs and I are doing amazingly! I am taking him to a surprise tomorrow. I will tell you how it goes after because I don't know if he read this or not :)

Have a great weekend all!!!

10 February 2011

Training Day

I promised all of you I would tell you how my session with the personal trainer went......I loved it!!! The lady I have is amazing. She is personable and willing to push me. I even told her that I had WLS and she was supportive of it. She went through some of the weight machines that she wants me to do on my own 2-3 days a week, the machines aren't her norm so she wanted me to have a good base to strength train separately. That took up most of the session, and at the end we did step-up (that's what I am calling them). You step up onto a platform that is just below knee high and bring your other knee up to your chest as far as you can. Those are killer!!! Today I am so sore. I love that sore feeling because it means that I did everything I could and then some. I got there early to do a warm up on the elliptical. Great NSV moment for me! I did 2 miles in 25mins! I know that doesn't sound like allot but I haven't been able to get 2miles in under 30mins in a long time. I am so proud of that! So other then the trainer not to much going on today. Another day at work, another dollar earned. It's only Thursday, I was really hoping it was Friday this morning when I woke up. Oh well. I wish I could work from home and set my own hours. How awesome would that be! I hope you all have a great day. I will be drifting around blog land through out the day. p.s. I just wanted to add that after my workout I felt amazing! I was all happy and relaxed! I love that feeling! I used to get like that when I would work out while I was in the navy and I am so happy that it's back!!

09 February 2011

A Few Of My Favorite Things

In honor of my 100th post I am going to tell you all about some things that make using my band and losing weight that much easier.
First thing that I found was sesame stick! I can't tell you enough how much I love these things! SSSSOOOOO YUMMY! I found them one day at my local grocery store and have been munchin away at the ever since. This is my go to movie night snack. I put a cup in a baggie and bring it with me. Much better for you then even the theater popcorn. The brand that I get (sorry i don't it off the top of my head) is only 160 calories per serving! Sesame is also a good source of fiber and iron. Click on the last sentence for more healthy benefits :)
The second thing I found on my little journey that has made things so much easier is the blender bottle! I love this thing. I used to run my shake through my magic bullet but they always came out way to frothy. The extra air in my newly banded tummy was not very nice. With this I just shake it up and put it in the fridge over night for the next morning. Or I store some protein powder in the bottom for a quick bit of protein after I work out. I absolutely love this thing! I got mine through GNC. click here :)
The latest thing I found is the Bobble Bottle! With trying to get my minimum 64oz of water in each day I find it hard if you are somewhere that doesn't have the most desirable water source. This bottle has a filter right in it! It improves the taste of the water. Bonus all the bottles are made from recycled materials and are made in the good old USA. I drink 4 of these 18oz bottles full a day, which gives me 72oz a day. Each filter last for about 300 18 oz bottles full. they sell new filter caps online. Click here to take a look.
So that's all I have for now on my list. What are a couple of things that you love for your weight loss?
I posted a couple post ago that when I reach 50 follower I will do a giveaway. These items just might pop up in that giveaway. So spread the word people lets get this giveaway going!

08 February 2011

Rambling Questions

Well hello all! I know I have been posting at weird times lately. We have been swamped at work the last couple of days.
I cheated today and stepped on the scale. I'm back to 310.4 today so I am slowly getting back on an even keel. I rescheduled my personal trainer appointment for tomorrow at 4pm. I am really nervous about getting my butt kicked around. After having to cancel last week it was kinda a relief. Now I am in panic mode again kinda. It's completely different to work out at home doing cardio and a little weight stuff. I will let you all know how things go tomorrow when I am done.
Just to change things up a bit I am going answer 5 questions and would like you all to do the same. I am trying to get to know all of you the best I can since we are one big family in blog land :)
1.) Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? I'm not sure were I will be living but I hope to a wonderful thin version of myself with 1 kid and another on the way, with my wonderful hubby.
2.) How happy are you with your appearance? On a scale of 1-10 I would probably say a 4. I have gotten better over the last 40lbs but there is still tons of room for improvement.
3.) What is the one thing you wish you could change about yourself? I wish I could have a more free spirit like I did as a teenager. I have changed a ton since high school and I am held back allot by my weight emotionally. Physically the change will come but I have to work hard on the mental part.
4.) What is the one thing you like most about yourself? I would have to say my eyes. I have always like there shade of brown quite a bit.
5.) What is the one thing you regret the most in your life? Hurting the people I love the most. If I could take those moments I would in a heartbeat.
Now it's your turn :)

07 February 2011

Tick Tick TIck Tick Tick

Today went well. I stuck to plan. breakfast: I had a protein shake snack: a chocolate rice cake and a fiber one bar Lunch: tuna with salsa and crackers Dinner: turkey breast stuffed with mushrooms, onions and a little crab meat, with broccoli (YUMMY) I actually drank 90 oz of water today!! Lots of bathroom breaks at work lol. The water really hasn't been an issue with me at all. On my pre-op diet I drank a gallon a day. After I cut back to two 1 liter bottles of water a day. If I don't consume a good amount of water I bloat big time! Total cals 1198 :D I think I am going to replace my morning protein shake with oatmeal. I get so hungry that I am nauseous only an hour after I have my protein shake. That's why I have 2 snacks in there. I am at the point in my life were everyone is getting married or having babies. I have been married a whole lot longer then most of the couples I know that are getting married but my clock has been ticking up a storm lately! Babies are popping out everywhere. 7 women at work that I know personally have had there babies or are about to have them and my brother and sister in law are expecting there 2nd in June. When I was 18 I had a miscarriage. It took me a good amount of therapy to be able to talk about the loss. It was very hard on myself and my husband. Since then I have really wanted a baby but it was the right choice to wait. Right now the only thing holding me back is my weight. It's kind of horrible to think that I am losing weight just to get chunky again, it seems so worth it to me though. Seeing babies everywhere makes me realise that this weight is making me put my life on hold right now. I don't want to wait past 26yrs old. I turn 25 in July so my time is ticking. It is frustrating to know that I did this to myself! I am pissed off that I let myself get so fat that I knew a pregnancy would be extremely dangerous to myself and any child I would conceive. It makes me so sad to know that that person I was before was ok with that. How selfish was that! To make a long story of emotions and wants short my clock is tick tick tick tick ticking. Just another reason to lose this weight the fastest and best way possible :)

06 February 2011

Reset Button

I am hitting the reset button today. This morning the scale read 312.2. The only thing I have done right this week is drink my water. I got a nifty new filter bottle :)Talk about your set backs though. I will not make excuses this time, like so many times in the past. I will not push the blame onto someone else, like so many times in the past. I will not fool myself and hide from the scale, like so many times in the past. My solution: I went to my "spots" (you know those spots that you put stuff that no one else can find) and threw out my half eaten bag of resses mini cups. I will avoid eating out at all costs. NO SODA!! I will restart logging my food on my Lose It ipod app. I will reschedule with my trainer because I had to cancel due to the blizzard here. Set backs like the one I had this week are not in the plan if I want to be down 60lbs by my 6yr anniversary. I know I am only human and we all slip up from time to time, but I don't want to be that person again. I have been in that place so many time when I hit 40lbs and everything all goes to hell. In my head all I am picturing is the little devil being picked up and flicked across the room lol. Overall though I had a fun weekend though. On Friday night the hubby and I went for dinner (fried fish and fruit) and drinks (2 huge cranberry and vodka). Then bowling for about an hour. ( I ate the leftovers when we got home :( Yesterday I did good until dinner (meatloaf and parmesan potatoes with biscuits, cant forget the gravy) We had friends over and I drank a couple pineapple, 7up and vodka drinks. We were up till about 3am. Today for the hangover cure that I never get we all went to Denny's. anyone here of the Meat trio? Chicken fried steak, bacon, sausage with eggs, hash browns and an English muffin (with hot chocolate). I didn't eat it all there but I just ate the leftovers about an hour ago. Also for lunch I had a breaded and fried leftover piece of that meatloaf. There you all have it in full food glory. I am not hiding behind my computer screen and pretend that everything was peaches and cream while my weight doesn't change on the ticker. Hopefully on Saturday I can report a back to 309 weight or lower. Hope you all had a great weekend, see you all in blog land tomorrow :) Oh I almost forgot. GO PACK GO!!! Update: PACKERS WIN THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!! AAAAAA!!!!!!!!

04 February 2011

Iron Superbowl

Happy Friday everyone. I am so tired I hurt! A couple week ago I told you all that I started taking vitamin D to help with weight loss and being tired all the time. Well I don't think it's working. Mainly because this morning I am so tired I hurt and feel nauseous. It's horrible. All I want to do is curl up in a little ball and go back to sleep. The last couple of days I have slept more than I usually do in a week I think. I think I am going to go have some labs drawn to see if I am fighting with my anemia again. By symptoms it makes sense but by diet it doesn't make any sense. I have been consuming 50 or more grams of protein a day. I know this doesn't account for iron levels but one can hope. So I will see how things go and make an appointment with my family practice doctor. I love her! She is awesome, unfortunately she leaves to go to her next duty station in June :( so sad.
The Superbowl is this weekend!!! GO PACK GO!!! I have decided that even if the packers don't win the Superbowl it's ok because we beat the Bears!! Yes I went there lol.

03 February 2011

Water, Water Everywhere!

I have started drinking 2 of these bottle refilled every day for my 64 oz daily challenge. How do you drink your 64 oz?
No No No, it's not the weekend yet :)

20 Hail Meatballs

Forgive me bloggers for I have sinned: The storm seemed to have a horrible effect on my eating. All I want is comfort food! I made a medium size pot of baked potato soup with chicken and mushrooms. Horrible for anyone, but one of the most comforting foods you can imagine. With all the snow coming down and the wind blowing like crazy I just wanted to be wrapped up in front of the fire with a big bowl of it. For penance after having a bowl of soup and a roll I spent the day upstairs curled up in bed watching TV so I wouldn't be near the kitchen. Did I go hop on the elliptical while I was up there? No, of course not bloggers. The next morning for breakfast though I had left overs with another roll. I thought since the damage was done, why not. Did I mention the 10 chicken nuggets I had. They were the frozen kind from the grocery, and a small bag of french onion sun chips and the 5 mini peanut butter cups ugg! Another reason why I might be eating like a fiend is that I started taking a birth control pill again. I haven't taken anything in almost 2 years. I figured that could be a huge part of it too. Who knows. I am at work today. The roads are horrible! We have most roads were there is only enough room to fit one car down the road. The banks in some areas are a good 20ft high from plowing. I wish I could have got a picture of that one. Right now we only have 2 patients coming in all day. I wont complain about getting paid to read magazines all day. Although I do feel like it's a huge waste of my time. I have also decided that once I hit the 50 follower mark I am going to do a giveaway. Spread the word peoples lets get to 50! Have a great day everyone

02 February 2011

Snowmagedon Part 3: the morning after

We survived with a ton of snow to be taken care of now :)

Challenge and NSV's

I have joined the challenge To drink 64oz of water a day! Lots of thanks to Ms. M for putting on this challenge. I found online a way to figure out what your body truly needs for water a day based on your weight. I will show you with my weight :)
1. Divide your weight in half = 154.7 2. Times that by 1.5 = 232.05 I divided that number by the number of hours I am awake (about 17) and that is 13.65oz of water an hour. Unfortunately this is equal to about 6 liters of water a day. I would probably be in the bathroom all day.
Also for you today I have some wonderful NSV's! For I don't know how many months I have worn my wedding rings on a necklace because they didn't fit on my hand anymore. Well look what I have to show you!!
They are a tiny bit snug still but I can get them on and off if I need too :)
My second NSV is interesting to me. In school I was always chunky and I learned somewhere along the way that if you couldn't get your fingers around your wrists that you were just big boned. This calculated in my head that I would always be overweight. I was joking around with some of the people at work and wouldn't you know I can touch my fingers around my wrists. So I guess this means I wont be fat for much longer :)

01 February 2011

Snowmagedon 2011 part 2

I posted this in 2 parts because I cant figure out how to do everything I want in one post. I have a vlog here and video and pictures below. sorry about the ragged look. :) I have to give the hubby some due props because he takes on the shoveling like a champ. Him being from Oregon has never seen anything like this before. I think part of him gets a thrill out of it while the other part is saying please don't get frostbite. So lots of love to my man, because I wont get out there and shovel.

Snowmageden Part 1

I hope this video works. This is what we are hearing and seeing outside our house. It's just crazy. I am so thankful that we still have power with the wind gust being upwards around 50mph

Here are some pictures: these picture are behind our house. you can barely seen our backyard neighbors. there are rows of houses beyond them but you cant tell.

This picture is out our front door, the hubs had shoveled this about an hour before the picture was taken.

Phat Snow Hiccups

We are expecting a huge storm today and tomorrow. It has been said by the nation weather service that the storm is potentially life threatening. My work is shutting down the building for general services but some of the military staff are staying over night to make sure that the kids at boot camp get taken care of. The rest of the base is essential employees only. I guess we are in for a whiteout. The snow here began yesterday afternoon and there was about 2 inches on the roads this morning on the way to work and it was still snowing. Have I told you all how much I hate this state yet? Well I really hate this state, not only because of the snow but that is a huge factor right now. I will go into that at another time I guess. In all we are stocking up on essential non cook food, in case the power goes out and I already own stock in candles so we are good in that department :P I want to thank all of you for your comments on my mini goal yesterday. It really means allot to me to have you all cheer me on and be happy for me. This brings me to an issue I have read on others blogs...Why do people discount my weight loss just because I have a band. I don't have good restriction yet. I still get hungry all the time. I am only eating 1200cals a day. I still have to work out 5-6 days a week. I make healthy choices everyday. I might slip up from time to time but I go right back to plan. I am still putting my heart and soul into this. My husband who is a computer nerd tells me I have cheat codes! I know he is proud of me for putting allot of work into it but even my hubby, who has watched me struggle to get this far plays down my loss. It is so frustrating! Just because I had weight loss surgery doesn't mean my weight loss is guaranteed. Why is it that people don't get this? In the scheme of things it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks but it makes you just want to scream. Hiccups....ugg. I get them after every meal I eat that I eat to fast. So almost all of them at this point. Does anyone else have this nifty little issue? I joke that its a good thing so in case I ever try to eat food to fast to try and hide it my hubs will be able to tell. I will start hiccuping right up the stairs. lol or at dinner at a restaurant. Well weather permitting I will try and post tomorrow if we have power. For everyone else that lives in the general area good luck and hold on tight :)