22 January 2011

Drunken NSV and Sentiment

I had an awesome NSV on Friday night. On Friday, during work, my husband text me and asked if I wanted to go to Red Lobster for dinner and I was all over that! I love me some crab! Before we got our food I had 3 big glass size vodka and cranberries ( I know, bad Shannon). I haven't drank that much in a long time. We were having a fun night out and I enjoyed my 3 crab legs and cheddar bay biscuit. The restaurant is right next to the mall so we decided to go to the mall to walk off our dinner and drunken state. I went into torrid to look at shirts. I have never been below a size 3 in torrid shirts. My husband just hands me a shirt while I was in the dressing room and says to try it on. It looked fabulous, I was doing my little turn in the mirror and he told me it was a size 2!!! A 2!!! I was so elated! So that was my drunken NSV for Friday. After that we went and picked up some yoga stuff that I have been needing for my work out video. On the way home I finally got the guts to tell my husband how much I love and appreciate his support in all of this. I started blubbering like an idiot and he kissed my hand and said he appreciated me to. He didn't say it but in his own way let me now that he wouldn't want it any other way. We have come a long way in the last year. We had hit a rocky patch that almost ended our marriage. I am so glad we are stubborn enough to have worked through it. I love that man so much there aren't words to truly express it. Today I went to a friends for a baby shower, a lot of people were there that I haven't seen since before my surgery. I got so many compliments, it felt awesome! Frustration has been building for a while now with my lack of restriction, but the last 2 days make me remember that I am getting to were I want to be even if I don't have good restriction yet. It will all just take time. This weight didn't get put on over night and it's definitely not going to come off over night. I have learned so much from these last couple months, from doing things on my own and from all of the blogs I follow. I wouldn't change all of this for anything in the world. I have grown as a person and a wife. I am truly happy, not because I am losing weight (a bonus) but because I am growing as a person and rediscovering who I can really be. I hope all of you have a great rest of your weekend. :)

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  1. The discovering is the main part, I think.
    Weight loss just follows when our minds and body gets healthier!