10 January 2011

Go Ducks!!!

I am not from Oregon and I'm not a football fan really. I like the Green Bay Packers by parental association. Now I not only like but the love the Oregon Duck by marital association. Amazingly I don't have to change my colors :) My husband is from Oregon and on a normal basis could care less about football except when the 2 Oregon college teams compete in what is fondly called the civil war. This year though the Ducks have a 12 - 0 season and made it to the Tostitos National game. So of course we are watching the game and listening to him scream loudly in angst and joy at the TV, mixed in with calls from his family in Oregon saying "DID YOU SEE THAT!!!". So....GO DUCKS!!!

Morning after update: the Ducks lost by 3 points :(


  1. I'm a University of Oregon graduate and last night was a heart-breaker! But we are VERY proud to see our team go so far. If you guys ever make it out for a home game, let me know. I live in Eugene.