16 January 2011

Lbs and NSV

I am pleased to say that my pesky TOM was teamed up with my scale. I stepped on the scale this morning just out of curiosity and low and behold I am at 315.8lbs!!! Putting me at 34.2lbs lost! This is not what I expected to see! My hubs was in the shower and I about scared the crap out of him when I yelled in joy. Also this morning after feeling so good about being down with my weight I tried on the pants that are the next size smaller in my drawer and they fit like a glove! I have been able to get them on for about 10lbs now but they have been uncomfortably tight, but that is not the case any longer. This was a wonderful NSV moment. So today we went to the mall and since those pants are a little holey I got a new pair of my new size and the next size smaller. such a great morning for me. I am not a huge picture taker at the moment but I will post update pictures along with my before picture when I hit the 50lb mark. Also I want to say thank you to everyone who left comments of support and encouragement, you really got me through this stupid TOM time.


  1. Great job on the weight loss and moving down a size!!! My pants are just finally starting to fit again, I was about bursting out of my size 22's when I first began losing weight! lol

    I say you should take some pictures, even if you don't post them - it'll really help you see how far you've come. :) That's what I've been doing, taking pictures more often so I can see where I'm really at.

  2. I was about bisting out of my 24's. I should have probally been in a size 26 but i didn't want to admit it to myself. honestly the pants I am in now are a pre-stretched 22 so the new pair i bought dont zip yet. give it a couple of weeks though. :)