11 January 2011

2nd Fill and Recipe

Allot of you know I had my first fill on the 7th of Jan. and that I am not feeling any restriction. So I called my surgeons office to see when I could go for another and I was scheduled for the 20th of Jan. I'm hoping that less then 2 weeks between fills wont affect anything adversely. I know I said yesterday I would hold out for a week,but things change. I am kinda glad my doc is aggressive with the fills because my insurance approval is only through July. I am hoping not to have to go in to many times for fills or un-fills. I'm hoping another fill will get me relatively close to my "sweet spot". I am a big fan of the biggest loser show. They stress low calorie high protein diets, especially if you are working out. We have tried a couple of there recipes and we loved 'Doc's Chili'. In season 2 this was a big favorite. So I though I would share their recipe with you :) 3c chopped yellow onion ( I used 1 yellow and 1 red) 1 1/4 lbs 99% lean ground turkey or lean turkey sausage 3c diced tomatoes (i used canned which is ok) 1 can (15 ounces) pinto beans 1 can (15 ounces) black beans 1 cup fat-free, low sodium chicken broth 2tbsp chopped garlic 2tbsp chili powder 1tbsp oregano 1tbsp cumin 1 tsp mustard powder 1/2c sliced black olives (i am not an olive fan so I left these out) 1/2c chopped scallions I chopped and cooked the onion to just translucent and then added the turkey to the onions to give it more flavor. I added everything else together in a pot and let it start to bubble away. When turkey is fully cooked add the turkey and onion mix to the rest of your ingredients. Let it simmer away for about 20mins. We added a mild chili packet to the chili at the end for a little more flavor. This only adds about 10cals per serving to the chili. This makes 12, 1cup servings Per serving: 150cals (add 10cals if you used the chili packet), 16g protein, 17g carbs, 3g sugar,2g fat (0 saturated), 20mg cholesterol. 150mg sodium (this will be higher if you add the seasoning packet)

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