05 January 2011

Good morning everyone, I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much the last couple of days. I usually post early in the morning at work but things have been unusual you could say. I started my workouts again like I had told you and they are going good. 30mins on the elliptical and some good old stretching after that. My deit has still been kinda naughty. So I have not lost anymore. I did post in on an earlier date that I get my first fill on Friday this week. I am having some issues with insurance right now that are stupid to me that it's an issue. I had an approved referral from my insurance for the surgery but not the fills that are required to make the surgery work! So I have to get that taken care of as well. The surgeon office couldn't tell me though if the referral gap would make it so I have to pay out of pockets. On another note though I am nervous about my fill. I am in the medical field and I don't mind getting my blood drawn or IV's but getting a needle in the stomach doesn't sound like my idea of fun. I am feeling like poop this morning too. I'm a little nauseous feeling and my head is killing me. I woke up this morning just completely exhausted and it has morphed into this. My cheeks feel like they are on fire as well, I don't have a fever though. So I might be going home from work today. We have had allot of really sick patients the last couple weeks and I think I finally might have caught something. That's all there is from me today. I will post again soon. :)


  1. I hope you get the insurance issue straightened out. I self-pay for my fills and it usually isn't too bad. The actual process of getting a fill is very easy for 95% of people. Try not to worry too much.

    Good job on the work outs. Once you have good restriction, you'll see the weight loss kick up.

  2. Hope you feel better.... I've had the same thing for few days now.
    Maybe sympathy yukkiness?

  3. @amanda: i can't wait for the restriction, I am counting down the hours!

    @anne: Thx hun, hope you feel better too :)