10 January 2011

Happy Monday, Are You Tired?

It's Monday again :( I really can't stand Mondays. No matter how much rest I get over the weekend I am always so tired. It's like my mind and body know we aren't doing anything fun all day so whats the point in waking up. Also since the band I have completely abstained from caffeine. What I wouldn't do for a freaking cup of coffee in the mornings. I am thinking about trying Click but I'm not sure. So what am I doing about this inability to wake myself up you ask? I am taking vitamin D. After my surgery I was told I was severely VD deficient. After doing my research I am taking a supplement to help. Ultimately the best thing for me is to sit a half hour in the sun, but since it's the middle of winter I think I will wait a bit on that. VD is supposed to help with waking you up and everything from depression to cancer. My big thing is that it helps with weight loss!! *ding ding ding* we have a winner. I will see how I feel in about a week and go from there. If I don't think it is helping I will talk to my doc and see what they recommend, maybe up the dose. Who knows. All of you in the sunny parts of our world can you please box me up some of that sunshine and send it this way? Also I have to say what a difference of 30lbs makes! I can do so much more than I could for my work outs 30lbs ago. Plus working out is way more enjoyable now. I just ordered a medicine ball and a kettlebell set to go along with my free weights and eliptical. I can't wait to get them. I will get some pictures up when they get here. :)


  1. Interesting.... can't wait to see how the VD works for you.
    What kind of Vit D?
    I don't know much about it.
    Care to share your ideas?

  2. it's just a general D, lots of different foods are a good source