08 January 2011

Food is Annoying

My husband was getting ready to go play poker with the guys and I told him that even though I wanted to have a good time with the guys I didn't trust myself to be alone with the food. So I think I am going to go upstairs and get on the elliptical instead for a while and see how things go from there. This whole struggle messes with your head so much! it's annoying. I almost had my first PB last night. We were at Red Robin before going to see a movie. I had gotten the salmon burger and had it with only the lettuce, no bun or mayo. My first bite wasn't chewed quite enough. :( I know we aren't supposed to drink while we eat but I tried to get it down with some water and it almost came all back up. Talk about a panic moment, we were as far away from the bathroom as I think we could get too. Thankfully as I prepared to try and calmly walk to the bathroom and not PB in the process it started to stop hurting. So what did I do after that...took another bite. lol I guess I didn't learn anything. O well I will eventually I guess and it wont be pretty.
I also cut my hair today, I was letting grow out and I finally got sick of it. My husband likes me with short hair better anyway and it is so much easier to maintain. I went from shoulder length to what you see in the picture.


  1. Your hair looks nice! Glad you got the situation under control. I am scared of PB'ing public!

  2. thx meg :) Im hopeing that I don't have the full PB issue in public the almost was scary enough.

  3. Your hair looks great, PB'ing in public is awful, have only had it once and thankfully got to the bathroom ok. I find that normally I have a little warning that something isn't going to go down.