31 January 2011

Scale: A Love Story

I hit my mini goal this morning! The 40lb mark! 40.4 to be specific. I am just so thrilled!! I totally skipped 310 and went straight to 309.6!!! So from here on out I will be reaching new lows every time I step on the scale! Here is my montage to 40!!!

Also this puts me at another mini goal. My BMI is back in the 30's as well! 39.7! This is just a great morning so far! I hope everyone has as good a Monday morning as I am having!

Also this was a busy weekend. I had taxes and date night on Friday, I really recommend the movie No Strings Attached. Then on Saturday I spent all day finishing a baby blanket for Sunday and cleaning and doing chores. Then on Sunday I put a couple last touches on the baby blanket and went to a baby shower were I stuffed myself with lettuce lol. Busy weekend but a fun one. Although I feel slightly more tired than I did Friday I think. :)


  1. You did taxes on date night? Party on, girl!

    Kudos on the 40 lbs down. Outstanding!

  2. way to go you!! and I'm with Jack...dong taxes would have taken my date night straight to argument land :)


  3. it wasnt to bad, we argued a little but life's to short to stay mad. Plus we are arguing more about what to do with the money then how we got it lol

  4. YAY!!! That is so awesome! And so exciting that each pound will be a new experience now :) When I got to 205ish, that's how it was for me too. Definitely a great feeling! So proud of you!

  5. Great job on the 40 lbs gone!!! Sounds like a great weekend. :D

  6. Thanks guys I couldnt have done this with out your support! you are all so amazing!

  7. Who is rocking it?
    YOU are rocking it!

    Incredible and wonderful!
    BIG congrats, Shannon!