03 January 2011

First Fill?.....Order Up!!!

Welcome to 2011, It's so crazy I haven't posted anything since last year! (har har har, I crack myself up ). Well I surprisingly did not gain anything over the holidays like I had expected. I am hovering between 30 - 31lbs, which is perfectly good for me. I had my second follow up with my surgeon (who I now think is a turd) I am supposed to get my first fill this week some time. It's going to be done under flouro (sp) so I have to wait to hear when the hospital has an opening. I will get back to you all when I know a specific date. Then I am starting to work out again today. I'm not going overboard or anything. We have an elliptical in the upstairs bedroom so low resistance and a slower than normal pace to work myself up to a good workout. Then in February I am going to add into that a night of yoga and a personal trainer once a week for a month to start out. So now that I am back on track with my eating I foresee 60lbs down by May 7th ( my 6yr anniversary) no problem. I am hoping to reach the 50lb mark by the beginning of March. I have my appointment with Columbia College tomorrow afternoon so I will keep you posted on that as well. I hope everyone had a great New Years celebration! Until next time *Hugs*


  1. Awesome progress....and great goals! It's good to feel alright enough about ourselves to plan a little - and make things better yet!

  2. You're doing great! 31 lbs. down before your first fill? You should have no issue meeting those goals!

  3. @anne- thx, I havn't felt this good about myself in a long time.

    @amanda- fingers crossed!